It’s RIRI appreciation week lol. She’s deff our style icon. Rihanna sure knows how to make everything work. I mean everything!

Rihanna is one with a hell of style.
Being a trendsetter and a role model to many, Rihanna is not afraid to take risks.
From going bra-less to wearing so much denim in one outfit


to wearing socks and heels


to wearing maxi dress and a canvas.


It should be established that Rihanna can do no wrong. Rihanna please teach us your ways😭
Rihanna takes puma to a whole different level. Her Fenty shoes😍. It’s sure a crowd pleaser. It’s a must have.

Rihanna takes fashion to a different planet. With her style she just slays effortlessly. Riri is always at the top of the game. Rihanna is one to look out for on the red carpet. She comes out fierce and daring. She definitely steals a lot of attention on the red carpet. She always leaves the public with a lot to talk about.


Let’s appreciate this young gorgeous woman. We love you Rihanna ❤❤


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Hello Guys!! I am super excited. It is the last day of October. To me this means Christmas is drawing nearer as the days go by. So happy ending of the month of October. Do remember to be grateful for thy blessings.

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Thanks and STAY BLESSED.



I am sure y’all wondering when this started. It just came to me unno on the spot. I was just wondering how far we have all come this year and different circumstances people have had to go through, how many people have lost their lives and many more. In all of that, none of it is of our own doing. If you wake up and you feeling that it is all your power, bruv you need to watch yourself big time mahn because that is being ungrateful.

Being thankful to the one who gifts us with HIS grace day in day out should be a way of life. You should learn to be thankful both in good times and in the bad times. Always remember that there is a grand plan for your life. Accept that purpose and be great. If you look at other people and you start questioning that plan, sis you need to watch thyself because people slept last night and never saw today. You have life, there is hope.

Be not deceived that there would not be obstacles. Haven’t you heard of nothing good comes easy? However, while thriving through those bad times take a moment and thank God. He is the greatest Healer, the greatest Provider, the greatest Motivator, the greatest Helper and many more. He alone knows your true needs and delivers on His promises. So tell me why not thank Him? What is too big for Him to do?

Most of us have the attitude of only thanking Him when something good breezes in but like I said there will be bad times  so you have to deal with it. Let’s apply this logic, if you are the reason someone is alive and they know it and are grateful, wouldn’t you be happy to keep them alive and keep giving them gifts? Now imagine if they were ungrateful, how would you feel?

It is a wonderful Sunday evening, let us take out time to reflect on the beauty of God and thank Him. If you make a conscious effort to count your blessings you would realise you have not been thankful enough. Our major purpose in life should be to continually develop a relationship with God and walk in the path made for us.

we should also apply this to our neighbours. I mean the commandments includes loving God and loving each other. When good is done unto you be grateful not arrogant or rude. Be humble all the time.

Lastly, I want us to know it is so amazing when you come to terms with how much God loves you and cares for you. It gives you an amazing view of things, changes your outlook towards life and sets you up for better things.

Do remain blessed!!



Happy Sunday y’all.  It’s the last Sunday in the month of October. Gradually, we come to the end of 2016. When was it that we were shouting ‘Happy new year?’ It feels like yesterday. We need to understand that time waits for no one and the heavenly race is still on. The race to heaven is still on. We need to understand that life is a race and we need to run so we make heaven.

Ever heard the song ‘on your mark, get set, let us go. Heavenly race, I no go tire…’ Ever wondered why some people don’t run fast or are far off behind? It’s because they have a lot of things holding them down. Pride. Anger. Hatred. You name them. We need to understand that we can’t move forward if we don’t let go of the things of yesterday. Everything we hold in our heart weighs us down, it slows us down. It makes the race longer and harder. We need to drop all the things weighing us down. We need to let them go.

While running this race, we need to run it patiently while looking onto JESUS. The bible makes us to understand that Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. We need to look onto him for everything. We also need to understand that in this race, we will be persecuted for God’s sake and that should be an honour. Whatever you are doing in this race, so far as GOD is commending you and man is condemning you, DO THAT.

As we go through this week, let us come to the realisation that we are in a race and we need God to help us because we can’t do it on our own. Let us go out and shine brighter than a diamond and live an exemplary life.

Do have a look at Hebrews 12: 1-13.



What is virginity? What does it actually mean? Who is a virgin? These are some questions some people frequently ask. Some people see it as something trivial while other people hold it in high esteem.

Virginity is the state of never having had sexual intercourse. What do people see in having sex? Why do people not hold abstinence in high esteem anymore? Sex isn’t a bad thing but it was specially designed for married couples because then they have the access to it and they have the freedom to enjoy it. God wasn’t foolish when he said we should multiply on the earth. He meant we should have children and inhabit the earth. The reasons why people have sex before time or lose their virginity before time is known to them. There are so many misconceptions surrounding virginity in our present day and time. Some people believe virginity is a dumb idea and some just have the urge to dabble into what might be hard to come out of.

Many girls of today lose their virginity due to peer pressure. Peer pressure has become rampant in our society. We see people from good backgrounds dropping all they have been taught because of one taunt or one comment against you. People are pressurised to have sex before time under the notion that waiting till the wedding night is quite stupid and sex then would be very painful. Some people are pressurised into taking drugs because they are told that it gives you a sense of power and if you don’t take it then you are a child. Let them say what they want to say.  No matter what you do, there are just some people that are there to oppose your every move. Whether you go with them or you don’t, they will still criticise you. We have these people everywhere, they are sad people that are bent on ruining people’s lives.

Don’t do what you will later regret. Apart from regret, you stand a high chance of getting the famous virus, HIV. You stand the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, you stand the risk of getting pregnant! Imagine going to write exams with a protruding belly and people murmuring every time you pass. It’s quite a shame. I know there are contraceptive measures and all that but still it’s not safe.

Now, having noticed that virginity is purity and purity is essential and sex is for married people, what do you do when you have lost it? Kill yourself? No, that is automatic hell fire, free entry. You get back on track. You continue to live life and make sure not to make the same mistake. You could help others by advocating for virginity.

Lastly, it is one thing to be a virgin and to be A VIRGIN. You could be a virgin and still harbour some thoughts not befitting of a virgin. So purity needs to come from inside.

Dear readers, let us try to advocate for what is right. SAY NO TO PREMARITAL SEX! SAY NO TO PEER PRESSURE! Comments will be appreciated. Have a blessed day!