Thankful for? 


What’s good y’all?

What’s popping?

Oh…the traffic? Sigh…

Oh yeah, the scarcity too?…heavy sigh

Mehn… Tell you what? It stinks, doesn’t it? I mean we’re in a festive period and all that shouldn’t even be happening at all. Today’s Christmas and new year is barely a week away. We can’t even go out. Staying at home, there’s no light and the generator? No fuel!

You’re thinking this is probably gonna be the worst Christmas of the century. Well, so I thought too until last night. I was complaining bitterly to a friend on the state of Nigeria and she just laughed. I wanted to smack her right in the face ‘cos there’s nothing even funny about anything. After ranting for a while, she said…

“Will you take a chill pill? Calm your nerves Tomi. You complained of the scarcity, don’t you know its temporary, it’ll pass and everything will go back to normal. The traffic? Well New York has traffic too and its worse off and the state of the country? We are still one! Remember Syria? We are not broken and that will not happen anytime soon.

That got to me.

Case in point, whenever you feel like you’re in the worst of situations, always know that it could’ve been worse off and that should be more than enough reason to be thankful.

So be thankful for the fact that you’re even alive to witness these problems… Lol

Do have a wonderful Christmas…stay home and fun with family… Visit a friend. Turn up!

Don’t forget the reason for the season though…

May the joy of Christmas never leave us and may we see many more years of Christmas to come.



Economists often say that human beings wants are insatiable and its so true!

We have unlimited wants but the resources are so damn limited.

Coming down to relationships and all, human beings remain insatiable. People always want that perfect person but there’s no perfect person. And that’s what we often fail to understand.
People are entitled to their opinions and ideologies about how things should go.
Why should that affect the way you see things? Every person has their own unique mind and it should be allowed to grow.

But often, we want everyone to be the way we want them to be and that can’t just happen. Sadly, people believe it can and that is why people constantly deprive themselves of happiness because they want to please the other party.
Hello! You can’t please everyone! Stop going out of your way to please someone. Trust me, you please this person this time, and someone else will find a fault in what you have done and you will want to please that person too o. Lol…
It’s not possible. Everyone can’t like you. And nobody is perfect. So why can’t we just live life and be great?
Stop basing all of your decisions on what every other person thinks. Sometimes take risks and fail.  Let people talk. Allow people to dislike you.

Know who is worth going the extra mile for and know those that are just being unnecessarily demanding.
Remember, human beings are insatiable. You can’t satisfy everyone. How do you expect to satisfy every body when you haven’t even satisfied yourself completely. Be at peace with yourself. Your peace should be priority and anyone that has a problem with this surely shouldn’t matter.
Let’s usher in the new year with a positive spirit. Stop living for others and start living for yourself.
Just do you!

God bless.

Tasha Cobbs: Break Every Chain. 

1. There is power in the name of Jesus to break every chain. How true is this statement? How many of us believe it?

At the mention of Jesus’ name every knee bows and every tongue confesses because Jesus Christ is Lord.

We need to rely solely in the power of His name. Every body has one thing or the other weighing them down, making them sad but in this new month , I want to tell you where you can find a long lasting solution to break every chain and uproot anything as Tasha Cobbs rightly said.  Call on the name of Jesus with faith in any situation you find yourself in. He is ever ready to prove Himself to you. He is ever ready to be the friend you need. He is ever ready to bring you out of whatever maze you are in.

Let’s take a minute to adore Him. He deserves all honour and glory and majesty forever and ever.

Secondly, there is power in the name of Jesus? Established!
Do we also know there is power in our tongue. You have the ability to speak good or speak evil and because the power your tongue carries, you can either sow good or bad. Dear readers, let us watch what we say in a fit of rage or whatsoever.

We don’t want to be the reason for something negative. Henceforth, let’s speak good things, let’s speak life into other people. Let’s uplift people and boost them to reach their maximum potential. Never should you use your mouth to proclaim evil.

Lastly lastly, Tasha Cobbs?  She has an awesome voice and is able to minister and pass across a message with her songs.. Her songs are capable of making a massive change..
I’ll end with this. What gift has God given you and how are you using it?

Happy new month
Have a Blessed Sunday and a blissful week ahead.