So on one of those days that I was discouraged and all, my dad sent me a text and it still inspires me till today. I’d love to share it with you guys as I hope it inspires you too…

Success don’t come by chance.

No one achieves excellence by accident.

Greatness does not occur through vain wishes.

Great accomplishments are results of consistent and persistent hard work and determination.

Roads to greatness  are laid with discouragement, tiredness, weakness, failures, disappointment and procrastination.

Only the few who are able to wrestle through in courage and stoicism achieve greatness.

Do not be defeated by any of the vices on your way to greatness.

My perception of you is that you are imbued with sufficient strength and Grace to waddle through the road till you achieve greatness.
I hate to think that I would be disappointed, I can’t even bear the feeling.

People who’d achieved greatness in your field passed through this same road, they encouraged themselves when their strength failed them. They set their eyes on the target and not the immediate weakness.
Rekindle your fighting spirit and double your determination.
May the Lord God help you.


Hello people!

It has been a while. I hope 2018 is doing us all good though January seems to be dragging lol. Its all good sha.

Yesterday, I overheard two girls having a discussion. Girl A was saying to girl B that she had embarked on a journey of weight loss. She had started going to gym, doing exercises and all. She added that she had started rubbing a cream to take care of her spots and pimples. You know in the spirit of the New Year, the new vibe and all. Making a difference and the sacrifice that comes with it.

But girl B that made me shake my head in disbelief.

‘Which guy are you doing all this to please, I hope its not Kehinde?’

Lol. I am like wow. Why can’t she be doing it for herself, for her personal gain and growth? To be able to stare in the mirror and be happy. To be able to move from one point to the next.

My point is whatever we embark on this month and successive months, anything that is for our growth and benefit, I beg, do it for YOU. Don’t do it for anyone. Do it for you only, to be truly fulfilled because as we know human beings remain insatiable. No amount of development will satisfy them completely.

So as we grow, lets grow to be happy and to be comfortable for our very own health sake.

If your development is to please people or to shut them up, I don’t know for how long it will last.

Be happy. Be strong. Keep pushing.


New year!! 


Happy new year fam. This should have been uploaded yesterday but yunno..

Oh well. Happy new year once again. Welcome to 2018. It will be a beautiful year for all of us if we let it be and if we rely on God the reason we are alive.

I don’t belong to the set of people who don’t believe in new year resolutions but I also don’t belong to the set who do.

It’s a new year. A new reason to feel fulfilled, do what makes you fulfilled. Resolve to be better and do things better. My point is we don’t have to wait for the new year to resolve to do something. Everyday is a new opportunity to make a resolution.

If you think you need to pen down your resolutions and paste it, then please do. But be sure to accomplish every single thing on there.

Just take one step at a time.

2018 is here. Let’s make good use of it.

Best of luck!