Here’s To Health : The Heart. 

The heart is a very delicate muscle located in the body. For those who might not know, yes it is a muscle that is continually pumping blood to the system. Without the heart working properly, normal living is compromised. When we were still small, we were made to believe or it was the general notion that the heart was shaped like the love sign. That now seems very funny to me because if it were so, the heart might not be able to do up to half of what it does now as a four chambered muscle compartment with specialized structures. 

The heart is so beautiful when pumping. What of when it pumps irregularly or pumps at a low speed or at a high speed or when it stops pumping, not so beautiful actually.  God has made everything perfect and detailed and all we need to do is to nurture and everything will stay perfect. Unfortunately, that is not the case. God has created the human body with all the essential parts, including the heart. Being very detailed, He left nothing out in making sure they all work properly. What we see nowadays is that, we human beings, are damaging this perfect work. 

How? We are not giving adequate care to our body and by adequate care I don’t mean stuffing our bellies with food. I mean nurturing our body, eating good food, eating fruits, exercising regularly, resting often and going for medical checkups.

As a medical student, my concern is the health of every individual that is breathing and it hurts to see us damaging our lives. It costs more when sick than when healthy. 

What are the ways we can take care of our heart and eventually live a long and healthy life? As said earlier : eat well, take walks, exercise regularly, rest, sleep, go for checkups regularly, reduce stress as much as possible. 

Let’s stop stuffing ourselves with fatty and unhealthy foods, the heart doesn’t like fat. Let’s stop living as if the world is on our shoulders, the heart doesn’t like that. Let’s stop being lazy to exercise, the heart as a muscle wants to be exercised. Let’s give this muscle what it wants in exchange for a long and happy life!

All these can’t be overemphasized. Let’s make the journey towards better health deliberate. 

Live healthy!


Hey everyone!

I know its been a really long time, right? Honestly this past year of my life has been one crazy ride. It’s my first year in medical school so I have learnt a lot. I’ll be sharing one of the hard lessons I learnt over my first year in medical school.

As humans, I believe God in his greatness created each and everyone of us very differently. So what some others might be able to do very well, others might find very difficult.

For me, I have come to realize my own strengths and weaknesses and it has helped me to stop comparing myself with others.

So I have this friend, we read together. If we spend 4 hours at the library, I can guarantee that he’ll spend nothing less than 3 hours sleeping. But that one hour he spends reading, he’ll cover all what I covered in 4 hours and maybe even more. On the flipside, I noticed that I am a very slow reader, and it takes relatively more time for things to stick. Once I was able to realize this, I stopped getting angry at the fact that he always seemed to cover more than me. It was hard for me, but I accepted the fact that I was a slow reader. I realized that to balance things up, I had to spend longer time reading than him.

What I’m trying to say is, stop comparing yourself with others. Be patient, study yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses and know how you can make your strength make you a better person.

Have a wonderful week people!


Be Your Inspiration. 

In the present day and time, people have become so fond of looking for inspiration everywhere. They are always looking for that fire to ignite them to do more, to want more. They are looking for that person whose story would be so compelling to push them to move forward. They are waiting for seminars and the like to go listen to motivational speakers do their magic so they can find inspiration there. I tell you today that you can be your own inspiration.

This might sound a bit foreign to people who have left the inspiration for others to do for them, they tap into it and then reignite their fire or whatever and in most cases the fire remains quenched. As good as it is to want to be motivated; the greatest motivation comes from within.

How do you expect to be motivated by another individual when you haven’t even motivated yourself? The greatest will power to do anything comes from within. The greatest motivation and inspiration a man can get, comes from within.

There is something in you that you might not see but it is there. Stop making it dormant. Pull it out. Pull out the best image of yourself possible and watch yourself turn into your own inspiration. Watch yourself be your own propellant. Watch yourself become your competition. Once you have started the work, which accounts for a greater percentage of everything , you can then look for people who inspire you. Look up to them.

We need to stop the running around. The inspiration we so desperately desire to be at our best is ourselves.

Be your own inspiration, be your fire!