Heart Beat Part 11!!

He went straight for her office – George’s former office. She had kept the feel of the office with very minute changes to account for her likes. She had mentioned that she always felt so small in the office. Every time she was in there, she was reminded of the big shoes she had to fill. All he could do is try and alleviate that burden. The door was open. She had an open door policy for some hours of the day. So, he slipped into the office quietly. She was carried away reading some hundreds of paper looking document. ‘How was she doing that calmly?’ He asked himself. He approached her table and casually tapped it, standing like a model off the walk way. She laughed and said, “Well, hello my model of a brother.” “I am glad that you see the potentials”. He retorted mischievously and made to take his seat.

“So, how are you feeling today?” She asked dropping her document but definitely slipping back into busy mood. “Honestly, I do not know but I am eager to help you with the big shoes you have to fill”, he responded. “Awwwn. That is about the sweetest thing you have said to me today”, she replied smiling. “The day is still young sister”, he replied giving himself the challenge to constantly say sweet things. Is this what having a sister feels like? Or is it just having a sibling generally. Well, he would never be able to confirm that theory as he has just one sibling and it is a woman. So, yes, maybe this is what it feels like to have a beautiful sophisticated sister.

“Without you saying it, I know that you are not exactly comfortable with me dictating what you get to do. When Mr. Peter read that clause the first time, I thought it was amazing because it gave me the opportunity to get back at you. But right now, it sounds annoying. So, I am going to give you the opportunity to pick what you want. When I joined the company, daddy let me have a feel of what every department did before I settled for Operations. And he taught me something every day. I am sorry with all my heart that he is not here to do same for you but I am. So, for the next few weeks, months or however long it takes you to decide, you can move around departments and I will pass on all the gems he gave me. You are not disadvantaged because he is not here in any shape or form”, she concluded. “Wow! That was a lot of words coming out of my mouth all at a go”, she noted with a chuckle. “Thank you.” Martin said calmly. “For what?” She asked. “For being this nice and open. Every time I remember how I was the first time we met, I am honestly embarrassed. I was indeed silly.” He said contritely. She smiled at him and said, “oh well, what can I do with a silly brother this morning?” She asked playfully. “I have a meeting in about 30 minutes. I was looking through their proposal. There is some proposed merger that dad was working on before he died. I want to complete it. Would you like to tag along and make this your first project?” She asked. “Of course!” He responded excitedly.

She spent the next 30 minutes bringing him up to speed on what the merger was about and what was being proposed. His eyes lit up with each detail. He could not believe that he will be working with his big sister for some time. He was more excited about the idea than the actual details she was sharing. This should be fun.

It was an interesting day in the office and now he was done. Michael had come earlier to whisk Daniella away. And he had been smart enough to let them be this time, he thought with a mischievous smile. He could tell that Micheal definitely liked Daniella. He just was not sure if Daniella felt the same way. Sometimes, she looked like she did and other times, it looked like she could not be bothered about anything else but this company right now. These were all the thoughts that occupied him as he drove home. Well not his home, he decided to drive up his mum’s house and surprise her. Since he moved out, he has been so busy with himself and blending in with his new family, it started feeling like he had barely had time for his mama. So, he planned to spend this week up at hers and just enjoy his mother’s company.

He decided to sneak up on her. It has been a long time he did that. He decided not to park inside the compound but stroll into the compound and into the house. It was easier controlling the noise of his arrival this way. He greeted everybody on his way into the house and began tiptoeing into the main house to find his mama. As he approached her study, he saw her door was slightly open. He reached for the door and the next thing he heard was, ‘Martin can never find out the truth. I do not know where this new energy is coming from but we had a deal. I intend to keep that deal. Especially now that George is dead. What are you trying to be? The best dad that he never had? My answer remains no! And that my love is final.’

Martin stopped dead in his tracks. ‘The best dad he never had.’ ‘Martin can never find out the truth.’ ‘Especially now that George is dead.’ These sentences kept playing in his head. He wanted to ask her what exactly she meant by everything she just said, but he knew his mother better. She would come up with some ridiculous explanation. The problem was that he was no longer a child and he would not buy the explanation. He turned around and immediately headed for his room. Why did his life have to be full of unnecessary secrets? He was tired of it! Now he had to find out what new secret his mother was hiding and he was a new level of pissed this time. ‘The best father he never had.’ ‘What did hell does that mean?’ He kept asking himself.  Slamming the door behind him, he went straight for his chair and sank into it. Every day of his life just seems to be one drama after the other. Now he has a new puzzle to decode.

…to be continued

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