Heart Beat Part 12!!

Cecilia was making her way to the kitchen when she heard the door. She began to wonder who else was in the house with her. It definitely was not one of the helps slamming a door like that except somebody wants to get fired! At that one of the helps appeared around the corner and she asked, “who just slammed a door?” “I am not sure ma’am but Mr. Martin came in a few minutes ago.” The help responded. ‘Oh my baby Martin is around’, she thought smiling.  ‘But why did he not look for me?’ She asked herself as she started striding towards his room.

He could hear her footsteps and he had to get prepared. He was not in the mood for a discussion with her right now but what should he do? She knew him too well. She would know if he is hiding something from her. He had to act fast. He immediately got into his bed and decided he was going to fake being asleep. But it occurred to him that he has never been a fast sleeper and if she heard him slam his door, then she won’t buy it. What could he do now?

She knocked once and into the room she flew only to meet an empty room. “Martin!” She called. “Where are you? I heard you are in the house. Plus, you are going around slamming doors,” she said mischievously. “Mum, I am in the bathroom. I really needed a bath. I will come find you once I am out.” He said with his voice muffled under the water. “Alright love. I will be waiting for you. I will get to making something you like.” She said happily, leaving his room with the joy of her son being home again. ‘Good gracious’, he thought. He had just dodged a barrage of questions if she had seen him right now. Thank God for the shower idea and oh he was definitely taking a shower. She would know if he did not. There is no faking it in this house apparently. Now he had to come up with a way to hide how suspicious he was of his mother. Time in the shower helped him calm down and really think about what he heard. He concluded that there was something fishy about his birth. ‘The best dad he never had’. If there is a father he never had, then what about the father he had? Could there be something hidden about his father? He had to find out and it all starts with a simple DNA test. Now the problem is, how does he go about that? He has to do one with Daniella and one with his mother because at this point how he is sure that she is really his mother? This is how  he is about to turn into an investigative personnel because of his own family     .

He eventually got dressed and went downstairs to gist with his mother. As he got to her in the kitchen, he announced that he had a migraine. He was using it as a shield to prevent her from over interrogating him. Fortunately, she was too happy that he was home. She had no questions. She just radiated joy. How can she radiate this amount of joy after what she said in her office? Or was it not the same person? Is there a different spirit in that study? Well, technically, he was not supposed to know about what she had said. So it makes perfect sense that she would be happy that her son was back. He was watching her every move because only God knows the truckload of secrets she has hiding in this mansion. When they were done with dinner, he immediately excused himself citing his migraine as the reason why he was so out of it. She was busy pitying him and lamenting that Daniella must be over using him. In actual fact, Daniella was the least of his problems this very moment.

Early the next morning, he went out for a run. However, whilst he ran, the real issue was where he should run the tests. If he went to his usual hospital, he feared someone with a big mouth might reach out to his mother. The walls always have ears and if she is hiding things like who his father is, then their hospital was not safe. If he went to the Estiamo family’s hospital, they will find out as well. He was not ready to have Daniella and Mama Maria brood over him and his health. And how long would he fake an illness for? That is about all the hospitals he knows. So which is it going to be? He can’t just walk into any hospital. First, he is an known Estiamo now, so it will be in the news. Secondly, with something this gigantic, he needs people he can trust. Oh hold on, he has a brother in law in disguise. He could ask Michael. He just had to worry about Michael mentioning something to his ‘in-denial’ wife. But he should be able to get around it.

Just before he got home, he put a call through to M.S.M (as he jokingly calls him). “Hey. Good morning Michael. How are you doing today?” He asked nicely. “Good morning Martin. I am good, thank you. How about you? To what do I owe this early morning call?” Micheal asked slightly amused and slightly worried. Could something be up with Daniella? “Oh wow! I forgot how early it was. I was just out for my morning run. I just wanted to ask for a hospital recommendation. I haven’t been feeling too great and I want to have a full check up. I have weighed my options and both would entail my mother or Daniella and Mama Maria finding out. Honestly, I do not want that.” He concluded with a sigh. Micheal giggled and replied, “You do not want the ladies brooding over you yeah? I got you. How about I book you an appointment with my Doctor? She is nice and single I think.” He concluded mischievously. “Just wow! I say I am sick and you are hooking me up on a blind date,” Martin retorted laughing. “You did not say sick. You said not feeling too great. A nice lady doctor could fix that. Okay, I am just messing around. I will send you her number okay and you can speak to her before going in to avoid wagging tongues.” Micheal replied kindheartedly. “Aren’t you a charmer M.S.M? Thank you very much. I will keep her single status in mind when I speak to her.” Martin responded still riling in mischief. “That would be all you and none of it me, sir.” Micheal stated washing his hands off the case with a hint of humour. Eventually, they said their goodbyes and Micheal sent Martin the phone number. They were beginning to get along just well he thought. They could actually pass for brothers. He was beginning to get comfortable with having siblings.

Martin made the call. Of course, he made it clear to Dr. Sylvia what he really wanted and she agreed to it. Over the next week, he picked up personal effects of his mother and sister and hand delivered them to the Doctor to be tested. It was finally the day to find out the truth. He had told her to text the results to him first. He had labelled them X and Y. He could not have her knowing that he was testing his mother and sister. The level of walls having ears has increased since he became an Estiamo. He was not about to be the reason why there is a media uproar about his family. However, he was so restless now. Why had he not received a message yet? Wasn’t he right about the day the results come in? As he was about to call her, the message came in. X was a match but Y was not. More explicitly, Cecilia is his mother alright but Daniella was not his sister! He read that over and over again. One minute he has a family, next minute everything is stripped from him! Wait a minute! Could it be that Maria lied about Daniella being an Estiamo? Herein lays another angle!

…. to be continued

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