Heart Beat Part 13!!

He sank into his seat because this was becoming a new level of interesting. It is either he is not an Estiamo or Daniella is not an Estiamo. The battle for who is an Estiamo. In that moment, he could understand what Daniella must have felt like when she was told she was not an Estiamo. The pain she must have felt. How empty she must have felt. He was feeling everything at the moment and all that was holding him together was the slim chance of probability. But if it turns out that Daniella is indeed not an Estiamo that is a mess as well. It does not suit him in any way. First, he loves having a sibling and a bigger family. Secondly, regardless of who she is, she is still the one authorised to call the shots at the company. He would just be reopening old wounds. And if Mama Maria lied, then that dents her reputation. She has become like a mother to him. She knitted him a sweater. His own mother has never done that. He could never do anything to jeopardise her reputation and he would damage whoever thinks of attempting it. So, what does he do?

Okay. First things first, he needs confirmation from Dr. Sylvia about the results she sent. He was really hoping that she would say that they were both a match. But he has met her and if anything, she smells of meticulousness. Anyway, a guy could hope right? He called her and all she did was emphasise what the text message said. X was the only match. Okay, great! What next? He concluded that he had to get a test done for Daniella and Maria. He had to find out who was not the Estiamo. Again, he sneakily got their personal effects and hand delivered it Dr. Sylvia. He could not wait for this set of results. He did not know what to wish for. If it did not match, it is still possible that Daniella is still an Estiamo but Maria is not her mother. The only person that could really put this issue to rest was dad and he was ‘conveniently’ indisposed. He was never really there when Martin needed him anyway. So, this is not new.

It was the day of the results and all he could do was pace around his office. Since, he became an investigator, he had barely concentrated on the things of the office. He might not even have a seat at this office if some of his suspicions turn out true. As he was about to make another full circle round his office for the hundredth time, someone knocked at his door. “Come on in”, he called out. “You are not even going to ask who it is”, Michael teased. “I could sense it was you”, Martin responded with a weak smile. “No, you did not you sly,” Micheal replied laughing. “Well, yeah yeah I just could not be bothered”, Martin said honestly. “I could tell. Actually, I have been a bit worried about you. In recent time, you have seemed very off. I know I am not around all the time, but when I am, you are off. Martin, brother to brother, what is wrong?” Micheal asked with every word laced with concern. Martin knew that he truly cared but he could not honestly tell him what had been stressing him. “Have you ever felt like you do not belong somewhere? Or rather there is a possibility that you do not belong somewhere?” Martin asked solemnly.

Michael paused and thought of all the possible angles of these questions. How could he relate with Martin? For one, he could not return to Daniella empty handed. He had noticed that Martin was off and so had she. In actual fact, she sent him here in case it was a ‘guy’ problem. Now he is being hit with some deep questions. He opted to just go with it and be honest with his answers. If he was going to get through to Martin, he would have to just be himself. “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you my answer,” Micheal replied succinctly. ”Try me.” Martin said sitting up in his chair. “Well, frankly, I don’t feel like I belong to this life I am living. All the razzmatazz that comes with it. The fame and all that accompanies it. Sometimes, I wish I was living a quiet and simple life you know,” Micheal explained. “With Daniella huh?” Martin asked with mischief. “Wow! Just wow! While I am here being honest with you, you are attempting to throw jabs at me,” Michael retorted with a smile. “It is not jabs. I see the way you look at her. Why won’t you just tell her though? What are the odds?” Martin asked Michael seriously. “Well, the odds are maybe I do not feel like I belong in her world or vice versa,” Micheal said getting to his feet. He did not want to have this discussion. He would rather protect the friendship they had going on than risk it on a relationship that he was not sure of. Did he like her? He probably loved her. But could he be everything she needed him to be? He was not sure.

“I am sorry if my question hit a spot. I was just curious,” Martin apologised sensing the change in Michael’s mood. “Oh it is fine. I just do not like to think about it you know”, Micheal responded. “I get you. It is just the same way I have been feeling like I do not belong but I am not sure what to say or do about it just yet. I am just hoping that it all makes sense soon enough.” Martin explained. “That, I completely understand,” Micheal replied with a placating smile. “I am going to let you be now. I have a few things to sort out and Daniella is probably already looking for me. We should probably hang out soon and I could introduce you to a few of my close guys.” Micheal offered. “I would love that.” Martin accepted.  They said their byes and Michael was out of Martin’s office. It definitely did not turn out to be the discussion he had anticipated. Martin just joined the family and he was already noticing how he looks at Daniella. The question is how does he look at Daniella and why did it matter?

As Michael left, Martin reached for his phone. As much as he appreciated Michael’s company, he hoped it had bought Dr. Sylvia enough time to come true for him. Yes, it had. Daniella is Maria’s biological daughter alright. So what is he?

In the course of him quietly investigating his birth, he had started visiting his mother a bit more frequently. More like trying to eavesdrop on her, but she has been off good behaviour all of a sudden. It is almost like she was not picking or making calls these days. Did she know that he heard her? Nothing is really above her at this point. He doubted it though, but you can never be too sure. So instead, he placed a recording device in her study. He picked it up and swapped every time he visited her. Of all things he had imagined in his life, spying on his mother never occurred to him. Well now, that is exactly what he was doing and he did not really have a choice. She would not tell him if he asked like a normal human being. So here they are playing games. Actually, he is playing this game all by himself.

He just got back to his from one of his visits to his mum and switched on the recorder to play, while he went about his business of settling in. Eventually, he heard her phone ring and he ran to sit right beside the recorder. He could not miss any piece of information if it was important. “Hello love,” Cecilia said cheerfully. ‘Love?’ Who the hell was his mother loving? Was she in a relationship? It had not even been 3 months yet and she was loving again. ‘I do not hear enough people say women are scum!’ He muttered. “Hi Cecilia”, a masculine voice responded. Oh wonderful! She put the call on speaker. He felt like dancing. At least he could hear the full conversation. But the voice, it was familiar. He had heard it before. Where? When? “You sound rather cold. Why have you not called me in some days now?” Cecilia asked cheekily. “Do not act cheeky with me. You know why! I cannot believe you are denying me the opportunity of just hanging out with Martin. I am not even asking you to tell him the truth. I am asking you to create an atmosphere where I can talk to him and just get to know him. You think I did all of these so that he can call George dad forever! Not like I cannot just walk up to him myself you know!” He snapped. “Well, I do not think you did enough!” Cecilia retorted. “What do you mean by that?” He asked. Oh whoever was on the phone was getting really angry. “Did you tell George to give everything to Daniella in order for you to arm twist me into letting you into Martin’s life?” She asked equally sounding pissed. “Are you suddenly crazy Cecilia?” He responded. Oh he did not just ask that. Now Martin was pissed. How dare he talk to Cecilia like that? “I do not know what you are on about. I did not tell George to do anything. I am not trying to arm twist you into anything. The plan was to take everything from George and I am still on that mission.” He explained. “It has not looked like that to me in the last 3 months. George is dead and Martin has nothing!” She said coldly. “He has a seat at the table Cecilia”, he replied. “Unfortunately, it is not the seat that matters”, Cecilia said. “It will have to do for now. I am working on something but when I am done, he will have everything”, he reassured her. “Then we will discuss your parental rights when you come through for your son, P. Goodbye.” She concluded and ended the call.

He had no clue how he was supposed to react to what he just heard. Like every time he eavesdrops on this mother of his, he is left in absolute shock. So his father is a friend of the man he called dad all his life and his name starts with P. He had to come to peace with the fact that he is the one that is not an Estiamo. He might as well drink himself to bed. Tomorrow he will figure out who P is. Tonight, we just wallow away. Wait a minute! P. Friend of George. Oh no! Could his father be Patrick Saint Morgan?????????????????????????????

…to be continued

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