Heart Beat Part 14!

Well, that is the only friend of dad’s he could think of. Hold up! Earlier Michael had said ‘brother to brother’. At that time, he really did not pay much attention to it but maybe he should have. Is Michael in on all of it? Is his love for Daniella genuine? Or is it just a way to take the Estiamos apart from within? It would explain why he was so touchy about the topic of Him and Daniella. Maybe he is trying to lead her on till she is madly in love with him and then capitalise on that to do what he wants. Honestly, at this point, nobody can be trusted. The problem is how does he tell Daniella to back away from Micheal? And how does he deal with Michael potentially being his biological brother? He did not really want to be a Saint Morgan right now if his suspicions were true. In that very moment, he decided to just go and sleep. The next morning he would wake up as Martin George Jr. Estiamo. Nobody ever had to know that he knew the truth. Not his mum, not Daniella, not Michael and worse still not Patrick Saint Morgan and he can kiss his dreams of getting to know him better goodbye. George was the only father he knew and he intended on remaining loyal. About Michael and his sister, oh Micheal had no clue how hard Martin was about to come down on him.


On the other end of town, George was devastated. He had hoped that it was not true. He had really hoped that Martin was his biological son. He had already chosen the house that Martin would live in before the fiasco and had it wired so he could hear everything as well. And he just heard what Martin heard. And everything was finally beginning to make sense. How he met Cecilia, how she got pregnant out of the blues and how everything just played out or rather how he had been played. So, P did not just want a piece of him but all of him after everything they have been through. What’s worse is the fact that it happened right under his nose. Due to his negligence, he had almost cost his family a lot. If he was sure of anything, he was not exactly safe where he was. He had to move and move right away. It hurts when people you trust take you for a ride and that is exactly what P has done and he does not know what is coming for him.


In the Estiamo palace, Maria was hounding Daniella over that vacation they spoke about when George just died. It has been over 2 months now and she has watched her daughter detach herself from everything and focus solely on work. She gave Martin enough time to mourn and he just resumed recently but she jumped deep into work and has been buried in it ever since. This was not her idea of moving on. Moving on did not mean losing yourself in the business. Right now, she felt like her daughter needed a break whether she admitted it to herself or not. George’s shoes are not the easiest shoes to fill. They are definitely not shoes you try to fill in a haste or panicking. You need to be well recharged and in the best head space to handle it. This daughter of hers was neither recharged nor in the best head space. Out of frustration, Daniella finally agreed to take the vacation and Maria was delighted. She cheerfully left Daniella and went to her study to start plotting the details of the vacation.

Daniella just laid on her bed staring at the ceiling and making out images as she did when she was a child. Actually, her father would lay with her out in the garden, and they would get creative with the sky pointing out different images. George always encouraged her to be creative and innovative. She did everything with her dad and now she was all by herself calling all the shots at the office. If her mother was right about anything, she was drained. She had never imagined that she would be in this position this soon. In all honesty, she never even thought of the possibility of losing either of her parents but now it feels like she lost her dad twice. First, he told her that she was not his daughter and topped that by dying on her before finding out she was his daughter. The truth is she is mad angry at her father. She left for a week to go to her hideout to rest and refuel, then come back to take on her dad on what he had said. The plan was not to come back to him dead. And they buried him without her! Why could they not have waited for her to pay her last respect at least? At that, she started crying again. She was so upset with her father, yet she missed him so much. Maybe Maria was right, maybe she needed this break. But what would be missing when she comes back? Would she still have a company? Would someone else be dead? How does she explain to her mum that she was scared of leaving this place? She had to safeguard what they had and not leave anything. She cannot bear another loss. She also could not bear troubling her mother. At the rate at which she was going, she was causing her mother to worry a lot. Who could she trust to hold things down in her absence? Martin? But he was not ready to head a department yet, let alone the whole company. She eventually fell asleep in that position. Whatever will happen will eventually happen.


In the Staff quarters, Robin was having a hard time wrapping his head about certain things. Yes, the company had an accountant and all that but George had put him in charge of certain accounts. George had a secret bank account that Robin managed secretly on his behalf and today, there was a withdrawal from that account. There are only two people that have access to the account, George and Robin. If Robin did not do it and George was dead, who the hell moved money out of the account? No one dared be that shady with Robin except they were asking for fire. The bank would not dream of creating trouble with an Estiamo. So who was it? He had never shared the details of that account with anyone and he is sure George had never. Again, so how is money missing? He had to speak to Maria about it. He would have to tell her about the account but the whole point of the account is so that George always has reservoir money for his wife and daughter. This was the rainy day account and she is entitled to know about it now especially if someone is making a move for it. Oh wait! Would Peter know the details of this account? Robin never 100% trusted Peter but he seems to have a lot of information about George as his lawyer. Would he dare come for his money? He would need to keep his eye on Peter and inform Maria about it. Something fishy was beginning to unfold around here.


It was the weekend, so Daniella was at home with her mother catching up. Since she barely had time for her mother during the week, she made sure she spent Saturday mornings with her mother doing whatever her mother wanted to do. She knew Maria was lonely in this house. Her soulmate was gone and she would have to work hard to make sure that Maria’s smile never diminishes. Robin had told her how Maria was in the week when she was missing, how out of it she was, how she just stared and was weak. Well, now she was here and would not leave her like again.

Just as they were bantering while making some pancakes in the kitchen, Michael walked in with a pack of nice smelling doughnuts. “No one told me it was pancake day”, he said surprising them both. “Oh my goodness Michael, you had us for one second my son. How are you?” Maria said moving to hug him. “Oh those smell delicious. Only that I am too old for them”, she mischievously stated. “Mama, are you ever too old for anything?” Micheal teased hugging her right back. “I think sugar is top of that list”, she responded smiling. “So I take it that the pancakes are sugar free?” Michael asked with a raised brow. “If you keep interrogating me, you just might get none!” Maria cheekily chastised him. “I shall rest my case”, Micheal responded grinning at her. “Hey you! I did not know you were coming over today”, Daniella said smacking him with a kitchen towel. “Ever tried greeting with a hug?” Michael teased. “Maybe and maybe not.” Daniella retorted as she went back to tossing pancakes.

As Michael was settling into a seat in the kitchen to watch the ladies work, Martin walked in. “Oh wow! It is a full house today.” Maria announced joyfully. “Look at my boys coming in one after the one after other,” she said hugging Martin. Daniella reached out and hugged her brother as well. “You look like you could some more sleep.” She teased while noticing the jealous look all over Michael’s face. She was enjoying seeing him look like a big baby right now. “I just thought to surprise two of the most important women in my life”, Martin explained.  “Awwwn!” Both of them chorused and the guys burst out laughing. Martin took off his jacket and took a seat at the table as well and the guys each got a pancake to taste while they were making more.

They got the dining table all set and they sat to have breakfast as a family. Martin said the grace and they dug into the pancakes, eggs and bacon with freshly squeezed juice. It was delicious. Half way down breakfast, Maria started talking about the vacation she finally cajoled Daniella into taking with Michael. Michael was pleased. He had been looking forward to having Daniella to himself. Maybe it was finally time, he explored and expressed whatever he has been thinking about. If he never asked, he would never know how she feels as well. As he was enjoying this thought, someone was out to ruin it. “Mama, are you sure now is a good time for a vacation for Daniella? I mean the company is currently dealing with a lot of things and a transition in leadership is not exactly a walk in the park.” Martin stated. There was no way he was letting them get away when he was not sure of what Michael was up to. “And that is what I have been trying to tell mum but she does not see it my way love,” Daniella said supporting Martin’s point. “It is not that I do not see it your way. I am just convinced that now is the best time to get away and just refuel, then take the corporate world up afterwards.” Maria explained lovingly. “The last time I went away to refuel, I came back and dad was gone.” Daniella said sadly. “Baby, I am not going anywhere and Martin would be here to keep an eye out for you.” Maria said sweetly to her daughter. “Me? Mama, I do not even know what to specialise in yet and you want me to watch over the whole company for her? I personally do not think that I am ready. I would rather go on that vacation with her than watch over the company.”  Martin said visibly sulking. Michael has never wanted to beat someone up as much as he wanted to beat Martin right now. Why is he being a big baby right now? He should go and find a girlfriend or a hobby to keep him busy but not him trying to hold on tightly to his sister at the wrong time. “Then I guess it is settled. We three will go for the vacation!” Daniella said with a smile. Martin yelled, “Yes!” And Micheal winced with a “No!” Everyone turned to Micheal wondering why he was against it. “Oh I am just wondering who would then take care of the company if both Daniella and Martin are out,” He attempted to explain. “Do not worry about that. Between myself, Robin and a few good people in the office, the company will do just fine and I can always reach you guys for help.” Maria offered happily. Michael reluctantly agreed but as far as he was concerned, the battle line had been drawn between him and Martin for the duration of this vacation.

…to be continued

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