Heart Beat Part 15!!

It was finally the day the three of them leave for vacation. Maria was all excited and actually followed them to the airport to send them off. She blessed her children and prayed that they would have a splendid time. She silently prayed that Daniella would let go of the burden and anger she had been carrying and maybe come back engaged. On a second thought, seeing as Martin decided to tag along, her aspirations to be a grand mum as soon as possible might be thwarted. She laughed to herself and prayed that the Lord would keep Martin from doing anything silly. If only she knew that his sole purpose was to create a storm on this vacation. she would ground him instantly. But she didn’t and off to their gate she watched them go. They were to be gone for 2 weeks. She could not get Daniella to agree to more than 2 weeks and she understands that her baby girl has an empire to run. Her ride back home was in silence. She missed them already but they needed this and she was happy they were getting it.

She got home and went up to her study to sort a couple of things out and get on top of the company’s schedule for the next 2 weeks. Daniella, being the organiser that she is, left behind a list of things had to be done. She had given all the instructions and all Maria had to do was supervise which she had no issues doing. As she got around ticking the first thing off her to-do list, Robin walked in. “Hello Robin! If I did not know any better I would say that you have been undercover a lot lately,” Maria said acknowledging his presence. “Good day Ma. Yes, you are right. I have been quiet of recent and that is what I am here to speak to you about.” Robin replied. “Take a seat Robin. What is going on?” Maria asked truly concerned, at the same time taking of her reading glasses and rubbing her temple. “What I am about to tell you might come as a shock to you,” Robin stated attempting to prepare her. “If I have survived the shocking news of hearing that my husband is no more, then I am sure at this point I can survive anything because this world has dealt me the hardest blow already.” Maria explained.

“Mr George has a secret account which I run …” Robin started. “You mean his rainy day account that I am not supposed to know about?” Maria interrupted. “At this point I have to ask, is there anything you do not know ma?” Robin asked amazed. Maria laughed and said, “oh Robin, what type of wife and mother would I be if I did not pay close attention to my primary assignment? I don’t care about the glitz and glamour; I care about getting it right in my home. So I make it my business to concern myself with the business of my husband and daughter. That is the only way I can truly support and help them.” Robin had to tell himself what he had always known ‘Maria is a gem!’ “So what about the account? I am sure we do not need it at the moment”, Maria enquired. “Someone withdrew money out of it.” Robin stated bitterly. “Someone did what now?” Maria asked with agitation evident. “That is what has had me so worked up. I have never shared the details with anyone and Sir will never tell a soul. So I do not know who else could be authorised to move money out of the account.” Robin said with all honesty. “And you are sure neither of you have ever shared those details?” Maria asked firmly. “I can swear to it ma! I have never and Sir would never. If he never told you himself, he has never told anybody then,” Robin responded. “Then listen carefully. This is a wild shot but it might be worth taking. I need you to look into everything George did before he died. I need phone records and details of places he visited. We might just find what we are looking for if we have an idea of what was going on before he died. It has been weighing heavily in my spirit to check it out but I have been scared of what I will find. But with what you just said, it is a sign. Something is not adding and I am not sure if I am going to be re-killing George or Peter once I know what it is.” Maria concluded. Robin got up and said, “Yes ma!” “And Robin, keep this solely between us. You find anything, you speak to me. Do not ask anyone too direct questions. We cannot have them catching on to our suspicion.” Maria warned. “Yes ma”, Robin said with a straight look. He was determined to get to the bottom of who was stealing from them and it better not be Peter or he would hate himself. At that he left Maria’s study and got to work.

A few days passed and again, Maria was in her study as usual ticking things off her list when she was informed that she had a guest. She took off her reading glasses and was massaging the bridge of her nose when Cecilia waltzed into her study. Maria got up to greet and hug her but Cecilia stepped back from the hug. “I am not here for pleasantries Maria”, Cecilia stated bluntly. “Oh I see,” Maria replied while walking back to her seat, settling herself into it, wearing her glasses and getting right back to work. “Excuse me! I am here to speak to you!” Cecilia snapped. “Young woman, I suggest you watch your tone with me. You might prance around thinking you are an Estiamo but you and I know that you are nothing more than a disgusting parasite. I have respected you publicly and privately but if you ever walk into my house, act and speak to me like you have just done, you would regret the day you made my husband your unfortunate prey and you can take that to the bank.” Maria retorted calmly but every word was laced with fury. Cecilia was clearly taken aback. She had mistaken Maria for a pushover. She thought maybe she was deadly enough to quietly kill her husband but not this ferocious in person. Clearly, she was in for a surprise.

“Now will you respectfully tell me what you are here for? Or will you retrace your poisonous steps out of my home?” Maria asked picking up a document that had been delivered to her the day before. “I have been trying to get through to Martin and I cannot. I have been so worried and I guess that clouded my judgement.” Cecilia explained. “Oh that is easy. Martin is in Maldives on vacation with Daniella and Martin,” Maria said casually. “Excuse me! My son is where? And you did not tell me?” Cecilia replied and she was clearly getting upset again. “First, I suggest you reduce the volume of that unpleasant voice of yours. Secondly, last I checked, Martin is an adult and it is not my duty to call and seek your permission for a vacation he insisted on going on. Your son should have told you and I do not know why he did not and has not. What I can do for you is tell you where he is and as of the last time I spoke to them, he is breathing. Now get out of my house and stay permanently gone!” Maria said with a raised eyebrow gesturing towards the door. Cecilia did not have a comeback to that. She simply walked away. Maybe she should not have triggered the woman like that but why would Martin travel and not tell her about it? What is wrong with her baby? What have they done to her baby? She was almost crying when she got to her car. It felt like she had been humiliated twice, by her son and the icing on the cake, Maria.

Maria was pissed. First, she has to deal with the news of money being moved from her husband’s account and then his side piece comes prancing around here like she owns the place. The amount of disrespect she has had to endure because of George. He could not even stay alive long enough to own his mess. He conveniently dies and leaves her to handle a side piece and son. Oh she loved Martin, but Cecilia has to learn to behave or she will not know what hits her soon enough. Maria had to live for years knowing about what her husband was doing and she endured it. What she would not endure was the woman speaking to her out of turn and without respect. She has heard the things some of her ‘friends’ have said about her ever since George’s death and this blew up. They are not pleasant. Some have come for her saying she could not successfully keep her home in check. Her husband and daughter were everything to her. Everything! And to have people insinuate that she was horrible at taking care of either of them was a low blow but that is it what George has reduced her too. She could ignore all of that but not from Cecilia. She would have to learn to stay with her limits.


George was furious! What gave Cecilia the impetus to walk into his house and address his wife in that manner? Even if she was worried sick about the whole world, nobody had the audacity to disrespect his wife. Not under his watch. He would have to do something about her. Actually, what is there to do? He would simply cut her off. She had nothing of value to offer him anymore. He should have never stepped out of his marriage. He should have never fallen into this trap. He should have never put Maria or Daniella in this position. He should have never kept if from Maria to start with. She loves him and he is what he is because of her. He should never have disrespected her the way he did and he would make up for it for the rest of his life.

He also knew that she was looking into the events that took place before he died. Between Maria and Robin, they would soon figure out that he is alive and he is the one that moved the money. It did not dawn on him the mistake he was making till he had moved the money out. If he moved it back in, that would have been even more suspicious. At this point, he was just going to let them find him if they do. Or he could go back to them before she does. He does not even know which is worse, her finding him or him returning to her. He already knew what he wanted to know and he had to be there to protect his family soon. If he knew P, then he was really up to something and would strike soon.


On Cecilia’s way home, she called P. “I thought you said that you had a plan. What is taking you so long?” Cecilia snapped over the phone. “Watch that tone and hello to you too!” P responded. “What is with everyone telling me to watch my tone? I will speak however I feel like”, Cecilia responded exasperated. “Well, do you want to tell me what is actually going on?” P asked. “Maria is what is going on. I am sick and tired of her thinking that she is in charge and the rest of us should just fall in line. She just yelled at me and spoke to me in the most demeaning way. I am sure you are wondering what my offence was. I simply went to ask about Martin because I have not heard from him in a while and she belittled me in front of everyone in her house. What was my crime P love? I was just asking about our son. I was worried about our son.” Cecilia explained as she started crying. She was not telling the exact truth but she would say anything to trigger him right now. How can he be here and she would be disrespected. “Cecilia, I will get back to you. Stop crying and get some rest.” P said and ended the call. Well, that was anti-climatic. So much for her attempting to act the victim. He was so unbothered. How could she be so unlucky with men?

Contrary to Cecilia’s impression, P was indeed triggered. No one should belittle the mother of his child, not even Maria. She might be a darling but that is George’s head ache. Now he will strike and Maria better be ready for it. At that, he picked up his phone and made a call, “It is time. Take him out!”

…to be continued

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