Heart Beat Part 16!!

P woke up to a call from his guys letting him know that that they had been successful in taking ‘him’ out. He does not remember ever being this happy. Finally, his plan was going to get in motion. He had successfully taken out the major problem. The next take out order was for the doctor involved in George’s plan from the start. He cannot have anyone suddenly waking up and spewing secrets. So, he gave a kill order for the doctor that declared George dead at the beginning of this charade. If only George knew that his adventurous plan would really cost him his life, he would have had made better choices. But oh well, one man’s poison is another man’s meat. He could now permit Peter to unleash havoc. At that, he called Peter and told him that it was go time. Oh he was going to love this. It is interesting that the kids went for a vacation because when they are back, Daniella would have nothing waiting for her but her good for nothing mother. She really thought she could be CEO and run the Estiamo empire. The audacity irked P so much. But as far as he was concerned, it was all coming to an end.

Later that day, Peter paid Maria an unexpected visit. She was in the study as usual. She was enjoying being a supervisor at this point. However, she was not enjoying having unwanted guests. But if it is Peter, then it must be important. Peter walked into her study with a very straight face. It was strange. He wasn’t exactly a jovial man but he was never this serious. The only other time she had seen him this way was when George died. So what could be so serious this time?

“Hello Maria”, Peter said as he walked in. Maria got up from her seat and said, “Hi Peter! It has been a while. How are you doing?” “I have been doing just great”, Peter responded as he made to take a seat. Both of them sat down. “So to what do I owe this visit?” She asked. She was getting a lot of negative vibes from Peter. She almost could say she was not safe but this was her house and she is absolutely safe in her home no matter what or who may come for her. So she straightened up in her seat and looked at him squarely. “Actually, I am here to talk to you about George’s Will.” He stated. “What about George’s Will? Wasn’t that read close to 3 months ago now?” She asked surprised. “Yes, it was but there is something I did not tell you”, he said adjusting in his seat. “What could you have possibly omitted?” Maria asked plainly. Something told her that she would not like the answer to her question. “You and I both know that at the time of George’s death, he had no idea that Daniella was truly his daughter. To the best of his knowledge, Martin was his biological son. He rewrote his Will a few months before he died. However, out of loyalty to you and your daughter, I read the wrong Will. I read the earlier Will which gave Daniella everything and sidelined Martin. But the truth is in the correct Will, Martin and Cecilia have everything including this house. The sad and honest truth is that George left you and Daniella with absolutely nothing.” Peter concluded.

His last sentence stuck with Maria. George left her and her daughter absolutely nothing. For a second, she was lost in the thought that George could possibly have done that but she remembered who her husband was. He would never ever disrespect her like that. He had his flaws but she knew that when it concerned her, he would fight to shield her. He had done it so many times. A man that has a rainy day account secretly set aside for just her and her daughter cannot rewrite a Will that leaves them by the sidelines. It was impossible.

“Maria, are you listening to me?” Peter asked bringing her back to the current situation. “I am sorry. What did you just say?” Maria asked Peter with a raised brow. “I said this is the copy of the correct Will and I think it is time we let everyone know the truth. And I am sorry for the inconvenience that this will cause you.” Peter stated. “Oh it is okay Peter. Give me a few days to just wrap my head around it and we will do what is right. After all you were his lawyer, you should have his best interests at heart.” She said nicely. If you knew Maria, you would know that she said that too nicely to mean it. She had something else up her sleeves. “In the meantime, let us keep this between us. I do not want anyone hearing things in bits. When we are ready, we will go all out with the whole truth.” She instructed and Peter agreed with her. At that he got up, they said their byes and he left. She walked out her study to the edge of the stairs and watched him exit from her house. Then she called for Robin. When Robin got to her, she said, “follow me!”

They went straight to what used to be George’s study. She cried a lot of times in here. This was the one place in the house where she felt extremely safe in and right now, she needed to feel safe. Moreover, his office had a secret office within it that only very few people knew about and that is exactly where she was headed. They got in there and she slammed the door behind them. No one could hear them from in here. “Ma’am why are you so worked up?” Robin asked visibly worried. “It is interesting how people flirt with the word loyalty when they are really wolves attempting to hide in sheep’s clothing.” She said furiously. “Does this have anything to do with Peter’s visit?” Robin inquired. “It has everything to do with the visit. He came here to tell me that he did not read the correct version of George’s Will out of loyalty to me. However, he thinks it is time people learn the truth and the truth according to him is that George left everything to Martin and Cecilia including this house. Just look at this.” She explained showing Robin the document. Robin picked it up and glanced through it. It did not take him up to two seconds to realise that it was certainly fake. “Ma’am, I can assure you that my boss never wrote this. Even if he decided to give everything to them, he would never give this house to them. He always said that this house was yours. You both designed every nook and cranny together. He would never dream of letting Cecilia walk in here and disrespect your home.” Robin explained. “I know that Robin. I know. I know George is not that silly. But how do we prove it? I told him to give me a few days to wrap my head around it. We need to do something quickly!” She snapped. “Ma’am, trust me. I will handle this. I need you to calm down. Daniella would most likely call soon. The last thing you want to do is sound edgy or else you know she will get on next available flight down here. So calm down and I will handle Peter.” Robin assured her before stepping out of the room. She had to get herself together. She was livid at what Peter was trying to do her and she knew Cecilia must be in on this.

What Cecilia does not know is that Maria knows that Martin is not an Estiamo. She conducted a DNA test early on and found out. You cannot just waltz into her family without Maria doing some checks. However, Martin is so innocent and she decided not to dig further to protect him. He does not know and it is not his fault anyway. She also knows what it did to Daniella when George told her she was not his daughter. So she was not going to do that to Martin. She accepted Martin wholly knowing the truth. And now they try to come for her like this? If they push this agenda, the truth would have to be revealed and she hates the thought of hurting Martin to keep these vile people in check. She was really hoping that Robin would find a way to nib this in the bud before it escalates. All she could do was pray at this point as she was finally enjoying the peace and quiet of this room.


You know what they say about wicked people knowing no rest? It would appear that Peter is a very restless man. After agreeing to give Maria a few days to come to terms with what she had been told, he got to the office and called Daniella. It was time to end this vacation. It was time to let them know who was truly in charge. “Hello Uncle  Peter! How are you doing? Did something come up with the company?” Daniella asked concerned. “Hi Daniella. Actually yes, something came up with the company. I just found out that I read your father’s wrong Will. He wrote another one just before he died. The truth is he left you and your mother  with absolutely nothing Daniella. I am not even sure you have the facilities to continue this vacation you are on. So I suggest you all get back and we can sort all these out.” Peter said harshly. “Excuse me, what did you just say?” Daniella asked stunned. “You heard me Daniella and if I were you, I would do as I just said.” Peter responded and ended the call.

What is the world’s name was going on? She had said it! Every time she leaves, something goes wrong. Now she has lost everything. How could this be? How could he have read the wrong Will? That definitely does not sound right. George always trusted Uncle Peter. In fact, to George, they were more like friends. Yet, Uncle Peter just spoke to her like that. She can’t fund a vacation? What does he take her for? Strip her of her position in the company, house, company account and Daniella is still a millionaire. She can very much fund her vacation. But wait, is it possible that George really left her with nothing? It does not sound right. Even if he was so mean to her, he would never do that to Maria and Daniella was sure of it. One thing was right, this vacation was over and should have never happened.


 Michael had struggled for the past 9 days to get some alone time with Daniella. Every time he suggested an activity, Martin miraculously appeared. He was becoming a thorn in Michael’s flesh and it seemed like he was enjoying it. However, finally, he could see her sitting alone by the pool and the last time he checked, Martin was asleep. Now was his opportunity to tell Daniella the truth about how he was feeling. It was probably now or never on this vacation. So, he ran across to her end of the pool.

“Hey Daniella!” He called out delightfully. She looked beautiful as always, a bit off, but definitely beautiful. “Hi Michael.” She responded forcing a smile. “I am so happy that I finally get a chance to be with you alone. There is a lot I have been trying to tell you.” Michael started happily. “Michael, from the way you are going, if this is about us, then now is neither the time nor place for that conversation. I am not interested in talking about us right now. My home and company are currently under attack and the last thing I want to hear is that you like me right now. I am going to go to my room and pack up. I am getting on the next available flight home. I would hate to interrupt your vacation. You and Martin can chill for the number of days we have left but I have to go.” She said plainly, packing up her things and leaving. She did not even look back once at Michael. All she could think about at the moment was her mother and her company. What was love going to do for her right now?

All Michael did was sit and stare at her walk away. He should have known better. He got out his phone and called his father. “Hi papa, remember what we spoke about a month ago? Set it in motion”, he said. They spoke a bit and ended the call. Michael was absolutely done at this point and decided to go on a very long walk!

… to be continued

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