Heart Beat Part 17!!

The very next afternoon, Daniella was alighting from an uber in front of her house. She had spent the entire flight home upset at everyone including her mother for imposing this vacation. But then again, she could not stay mad at her mother for too long. The woman loves her so much and one thing she knows is her parents have always acted with love towards her. They were always so considerate and understanding. They never pressured her but they always showed her that she could be more. Her parents honestly were her bestfriends. She did everything with them. Now she has lost 1 best friend, she definitely was not going to be angry at the only one she had. She took a slow walk through the compound as she made for the front door. It just felt so disturbing that this home might soon be taken from her. Everywhere she looked was a memory. There was a story with every car. There was a visual memory with every part of the garden. This was the home she had grown up in. This was her family’s home. They have opened their hands wide to receive Cecilia and Martin but did she and her mother have to lose so much for them to thrive? It was not Martin’s fault. It was dad’s fault. She couldn’t believe that even while mourning him, he was constantly taunting her and fuelling her anger.

All the helps in the garden saw her and knew not to disturb her. She looked so lost in her thoughts. She eventually got to the front door and paused. She kept on thinking, ‘what if this is the last time I can walk into my home? What if the next time would be me leaving the house and never returning?’ She shook her head as a way of banishing the thoughts. This would always be her home. They can take everything else but not this place. She finally built up the courage to go into the house. Her mother was descending the stairs when she walked in. “Daniella!” The mother yelped in shock. Daniella immediately dashed to her mother and hugged her tightly. “I missed you so much mama!” Daniella said cheerfully. “Oh baby, you were just gone for a few days. What would happen when you get married and move out?” Maria asked cheekily while checking out her hand and there was nothing. She really wanted to lock Michael between her legs and beat him for this behaviour. “Why are you home earlier than planned baby and where are the guys?” Maria asked curiously. “I left them behind. Mum, Uncle Peter called and served some unpleasant news.” Daniella informed her mother sadly. She did not know that Maria was aware. She did not even know how to tell her mother that they might have to pack out of this house. “What did you just say?” Maria asked trying really hard to hide her growing fury. “Mum, he called and said some things but we will talk about it later. I will sort it out. It is just about the company. Let me go and freshen up.” Daniella said finally pulling away from her mother. Maria pecked her forehead and said, “okay baby. Go and freshen up. I will have something prepared for you my love.” At that Daniella climbed the stairs and went straight to her room.

Maria made for the kitchen and all she wanted to do was break a few things. Peter was clearly testing her. He was wilding and she had to teach him a lesson very soon. Hell knows not the fury of a woman and clearly he was belittling Maria’s reach. She might be classy but if you ask for trouble, you will get served. As she was intensely plotting her next move, Robin appeared in the kitchen. “Robin, Daniella is home. Take a wild guess why.” She shot at Robin with her eyes narrowing. “Peter called her”, he replied calmly. “It is the audacity for me. I clearly gave an instruction and disregarded it.” Maria responded. “Well, he was employed by Sir so maybe he does not understand your instructions”, Robin replied. “Are you trying to taunt me too Robin?” Maria asked with a raised brow. “I would never dream of doing such. I like my head on my body. Remember when I said I will take care of it? I am taking care of it.” Robin reassured her. “It does not look like anything is being taken care of here.” Maria retorted. “I have worked for you for so many years. Have I ever let you down?” Robin inquired. “No, never. You have never let me down”, Maria replied honestly. “Then trust me on this. I am taking care of it.” Robin stated confidently. “Okay. Well, get back to taking care of it and I will take care of my daughter.” Maria said and started opening the fridge to see what she could whip up for Daniella. Robin left her quietly.

The night of the same day, the guys returned. It was a silent trip home. Martin did not understand what had transpired between Michael and Daniella. Michael had just informed Martin that Daniella had gone home. Whatever it was, he was happy that the vacation had come to an end without them getting cosy. It was actually a fun vacation. At least, it was for him. Now they were back and could get to work. Michael went straight home. He could not be bothered with checking in with Daniella. But Martin was really worried and headed for the Estiamo Mansion. Maria was again pleasantly surprised to see another child of hers. Martin had dinner with the family and constantly kept asking Daniella if she was fine. Maria just loved how much he was loving on his sister but where was Michael? “Martin, where is Michael?” Maria asked worried.For the first time that day, Daniella looked up expectant. “Mama, I do not know. We got in together but he left me at the airport. He seemed very quiet on the flight back as well. I honestly do not know what has him so worked up.” Martin said truthfully. “Oh wow! Maybe some about work came up. He always gets really overwhelmed with Saint Morgan affairs.” Maria said thoughtfully. Daniella simply looked back down at the food she had been picking at. What had she done? All Michael wanted to do was talk to her and she had lashed out. Now when she actually needed him, he was unavailable. How would she fix this?

The weekend went by quietly with Daniella constantly being lost in thought of what to do about the situation. It was finally Monday and she was planning to storm Uncle Peter’s office and give him a piece of her mind because it just was not making to sense to her anymore. She got dressed for work looking like the elegant CEO she was. As she was coming down the stairs, she saw that Martin was waiting for her. She smiled broadly. It was really beautiful to have a sibling. “Hello Martin!” She said as she got down the stairs and gave him a bear hug. “You look extra happy today.” Martin teased. “Seeing you is enough to make me glow.” She replied happily. “You both need to find partners”, Maria interrupting coming out of the kitchen. “Wow! Mum, thank you for trying to send me out of my father’s house”, Daniella responded walking towards her mother and huggined her. “Good morning mum.” Daniella said sweetly. “Good morning baby!” Maria said smiling.

Just as they were making it to the dining table to have some breakfast, Cecilia came banging and clanging through the house. “Where is she? Where is that despicable woman?” She was asking at the top of her voice. No one in the house could relate with this type of behaviour so everyone ignored her and she kept walking furiously till she met the trio in the room. She went straight for Maria and to her surprise, Martin stepped in front of her blocking her with his body. “Mum, can you calm down and tell us what the problem is? How can you come to someone’s house and shout it down like this?” Martin said obviously upset at his mum. “Are you talking to me? It appears that hanging around this people has confused you greatly.” Cecilia snapped at her son. “As usual, I am not here for pleasantries. Since you have decided to be a middle man, ask that despicable woman behind you what she has done with Peter” Cecilia said taking a few steps back. Daniella glanced over at her mother wondering what Cecilia was on about. “What do you mean by what I have done with Peter?” Maria asked her confused but angry. “Oh so you can speak for yourself. I thought all you could do was hide behind your children!” Cecilia snapped at Maria. At that, Maria moved out of Martin’s back and stood in front of him. “I thank God for well brought up children because sometimes, it is really nothing the parents did like in your case. But between you and myself, I do not need protection. What do you want Cecilia?” Maria asked staring intensely at Cecilia. “Well Martin, Peter came to inform this despicable woman here that he read your father’s wrong Will. I have been saying it does not make sense that your father left everything to these people. In the actual Will, you get everything including this house that they feel so special in. You have everything my son. Since he told her, Peter has been missing. She probably kidnapped him!” Cecilia ranted. “Okay wait mum! That is an outrageous accusation. Mama M would never have someone kidnapped.” Martin replied defending Maria. “Oh really? So your mother is a liar?” Cecilia retorted. “I am not saying that. I am saying you probably have this mixed up. Do you have any evidence that she did anything?” Martin inquired. “I cannot believe that you are letting him do all the talking. You know it as much as I do that you could not bear the thought of us having everything and you having nothing. You do not want Peter to publicly read the correct Will. You do not want my son to be CEO, to be in charge of everything. I have news for you. I also have a copy of that Will. Like it or not,  people will hear about this!” Cecilia said threatening Maria. “You will do no such thing,” Martin replied. “Junior, when adults are talking, you keep quiet!” Cecilia snapped. “When you are disrespecting and threatening my mother, all of that home training goes out the window!” Martin replied. “Excuse me! Your mother! I.. look at me Junior… I am your only mother.” Cecilia responded angrily. “You are right to say that it does not make sense for dad to leave everything to them. But guess what? He did not. He got you sorted. He got me sorted. And he had them sorted. Like it or not, Daniella is my elder sister and I am fine with whatever rights she gets in that capacity. What you are insinuating with this new Will is that they have absolutely nothing. I cannot accept it. Even if dad wrote the Will, I do not and will not accept it. If Mr. Peter is indeed missing, then we will find him and I can assure you that Mama M has nothing to do with it.” Martin retorted and he was looking his mother dead in the eye. “Once again, I suggest that you calm down and let us talk about this in a civilised way,” He concluded. Maria was pleased. If it was Daniella that said all of these, it would be said that she is Maria’s daughter, what else would she say. Maria was glad that it was Martin that was serving Cecilia hot breakfast.

“If it helps, I was on my way to see Uncle Peter this morning. We honestly did not know he was missing Aunt.” Daniella contributed. “I see what is happening here. You have turned my son against me. We will see how this ends.” Cecilia said looking at Maria. “She has done nothing wrong mum. You need to calm down and let things settle. Do not complicate things any further.” Martin said. Cecilia simply looked at him, shook her head and walked out. The thought of her losing her son to Maria was fuelling her anger right now. After she left, Martin hugged Maria and said, “I am really sorry about that. I know you have nothing to do with Mr. Peter missing, that’s if he is even really missing.” Maria was so moved by how Martin had shielded her. In that moment, it dawned on Martin who P could actually be. All this time, he thought it was Patrick Saint Morgan, what if his biological father is Mr. Peter and this was their plan all along? For starters, he was certain that whatever Will they were referring to was fake, and he could use the recording he had to prove it. Today was supposed to be a pleasant day, and his mother just ruined it.

…to be continued

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