Heart Beat Part 19!!

Oh yes George! As it turns out, P’s guys did not kill him. Robin found George just in time before the kill order could be executed. Robin and his team caught and dealt with the assassins. He then got the foreman of the assassin team to make a call to P informing him of George’s death. This was to enable them be a step ahead of him. Consequently, they knew that he was after the doctor. So, Robin had the doctor taken off the scene and protected somewhere. Robin got back to the Estiamo mansion just in time to find out about Peter’s plan. When he said he was taking care it, he really was taking care of things gradually.

“Why are you so surprised Peter?” George asked with a raised brow. “George, I can explain!” Peter said raising his hands up as if pleading for mercy. “That is definitely not the answer to the question I asked.” George stated plainly. He walked to a seat and sat down. “But since you are eager to explain, humour me.” George said sarcastically. “George, you have to believe me. I never meant to betray you. I never meant to hurt you. Remember, I told you that you should not go ahead with this plan of yours. I knew things would get messy.” Peter started. “I hate to be rude but get to the relevant part of your explanatory speech.” George said cutting Peter short. “Okay. So, after you supposedly died, Philip approached me. Apparently, he had done some digging and he knew that we pulled a stunt and he was happy about it. He wanted to use it to his advantage and I had to help him.” Peter started explaining. “Had to or chose to help him Peter?” George snapped. “You do not understand. Earlier on in my career, I did a few shady things. I thought I had successfully buried them but Philip found them and he was blackmailing me with them. They are things that I am not proud about. I cannot let them get revealed. I would lose everything that I have worked for. I thought we had settled the score with him getting me to introduce Cecilia to you.” Peter revealed. “He did what now?” George asked. “Yes George. He asked me to introduce Cecilia to you. I did not know what his plans were then. In my head, I thought you would never fall for her but you did and…” Peter explained. “And you did not stop me! You watched me almost destroy my family and you did absolutely nothing! You were supposed to be my eyes and ears but instead you were orchestrating a coup against me. How dare you Peter?” George said angrily standing up from his seat. “George, I swear it to you, I am absolutely sorry. I was just trying to protect my family.” Peter sincerely apologised. “At the expense of mine?” George asked with distaste clearly written over his face. “Let me tell you what else you could have done Peter. You could have told me. You could have told me that the one man I detest was after me. You could have told me that he sent Cecilia to me. You could have told me that he had something over you. You could have told my wife, Maria the truth! Instead, you thought it wise to play by Philip’s rules and attempt to take everything I laboured for. Did you or Philip help me build an empire? What gives you both the impetus to plan to snatch it from my daughter?” George said throwing a cup at Peter. It missed his head by half an inch. “George, you have to believe me. I never wanted to hurt you. I just wanted to play along and see what he wants and then fix it.” Peter offered sadly. “Isn’t it obvious what he wants? He wants to reap where he did not sow.” George said calmly. “I could not do anything against him George. He has Patrick tied as well. He destroyed one of Patrick’s biggest deals and ran him into a lot of debt. He is willing to cover the debt if Michael marries Zee.” Peter revealed. Now George was incredibly pissed. Philip was coming after everybody he cared about. Maybe it was time to take a page from Philip’s manual. At that George left Peter in the dark room without responding to his last revelation.

“Keep him in there till I decide what to do next. Then I think it is time we dig into Philip Williams and keep an eye on Zee’s movements. He has played enough with my family and it is time to repay the favour.” George instructed Robin. Robin left to get busy. George took a seat and rubbed his forehead. All of these were too much for any person. All he could think of was his poor wife who had no idea who was after their family. She was definitely right to be worried about Peter who clearly has misplaced loyalties. Then he remembered Patrick. He could not imagine what he must be going through and he would never tell Janet. Having to force Michael to marry Zee must be tearing him apart. Philip is really just a demon. Does it pain him so much that George has blatantly refused to associate with him? It is mandatory to be friends just because they are rich? They were not of the same kind. George does not mess with other people’s families. He had to stop all these rubbish. He concluded that it was time to let Patrick in on what was really going on. Philip would never cover that debt. He will buy out Patrick and make his life miserable. Rather than have that happen, the Estiamo and Saint Morgan Groups would merge. After all, they built the companies together and whenever they had needed extra manpower, they had temporary mergers. They will be fine and still be richer than Philip will ever be in his miserable life time.

Patrick was in his study thinking about how everything was playing out. At times like this, he really missed George. He always teased George about being his brain. George could think and act effectively under pressure. He could smell a rat before it even appeared. If he were here, he would have known that the deal would go sour before Philip even tanked it. If he were here, he would not be asking Michael to marry Zee because George would have come up with an intelligent plan. He never liked Philip. Patrick was beating himself up for not listening to George every time he warned him about dinning with the devil, Philip. Suddenly, his phone rang and brought him back from his thoughts. “Hello, who is this?” Patrick asked calmly. “Patrick, do not shout. It is me.” George said at the other end of the phone. Patrick jumped off his chair. He could not believe his ears. He looked at the phone to see the number again. It was not George’s usual number but the voice, it was definitely George. “I do not know who you are but I do not enjoy pranks.” Patrick snapped. George laughed and said, “this must really be freaking you out. It is really me George. I know that I owe you an explanation and I will provide it.” “You have to be joking. George? As in the George Estiamo?” Patrick asked  terrified. “How many other Georges do you know?” George asked clearly enjoying messing with his friend. “Okay, I have had enough of whatever this is. Never call this number again.” Patrick snapped. “Patrick Saint Morgan, it is truly me George. I will send Robin to you tomorrow with an idea. Listen to him carefully. Philip is planning to destroy both our families and we cannot have that happen. Robin will fill you in on everything. I am sorry for freaking you out.” George said contritely. “It is really you my brother.” Patrick said finally believing his eyes. “It is me brother.” George replied firmly. “You cannot say anything to anyone, not even Janet and do not pressure Michael into marrying Zee anymore.” George added. “You have my word.” Patrick said. He was so happy to know that his friend was alive. Was he not just wishing that George was here? And it came true. He felt so much relief. He remembered Michael and rushed off to release him from his bondage.

Patrick found Michael sitting at the dining table alone with his head bowed. In the recent days, he had been looking rather battered. Patrick was so happy to give him some relieving news. “Hey Michael, I have thought about it and I have concluded that I do not want you marrying Zee. You do not look happy about the decision.” Patrick said cheerfully. Michael simply looked up at his father and shook his head. “Marrying Zee is the least of my worries and trust me, it has no impact on how I feel.” Michael said standing up and leaving. He was just tired about everything. Contrary to his father’s thought, Michael had found out about their debt. That is what he had gone snooping around for when Daniella swung by the other time. He had been spending hours at the office to try and find a loophole. He had not found one and it was draining him. It was also beginning to make sense to him why his father wanted him to marry Zee. The SMG was sinking and this marriage might be able to save it. If that is the case, he was fine with it. “Michael, did you not hear me? I do not want that for you anymore.” Patrick called out. Michael turned back and really looked at his dad. “I know dad. I know about the debt. Just let me bear some of your burden for a change.” Michael said and walked away faster this time. Janet was by the corner and heard what Michael said. She turned around and went straight for her room. She had been giving her husband such a hard time without knowing what he was going through. Michael was prepared to throw himself under a bus to save his father’s company and all she had done was rant. She felt horrible and couldn’t face her husband. Patrick on the other hand was surprised that Michael knew and was willing to follow through with the marriage plan. He actually felt touched by the act of his son but it was no longer necessary. They will be just fine without such sacrifice. Michael has a life to live and it should not be in a sad union to Zee. Patrick decided to leave for now and wait for George’s plan.

The next morning, Robin was at the SMG mansion and met with Patrick. He called George and they discussed a possible merger and how they could still retain the personalities of their companies. Patrick could not believe that George was willing to bear the debt he had amassed. What George was suggesting would mean that the Estiamo Group would take a large hit as well. He was picking friendship over his company right now. He was also so confident that they would recoup the money is no time. Patrick started silently blessing the day he met George. Honestly, without George, there would be no SMG. George made him and that was the truth. He could not wait to let Michael about this. So immediately he was done with Robin, he headed straight to the office.

As he was approaching Michael’s office, he started hearing a voice and Michael’s P.A’s face paled at the sight of Patrick. What in the world was going on in that office? “Michael, I am talking to you! Will you dignify me with a response?” Zee yelled at Michael who clearly could not be bothered. “Do you know the one skill I have learnt since we got engaged?” Michael asked getting up to fetch a file from his shelf. “What is it?” Zee inquired. “The ability to work effectively with noise.” Michael absentmindedly informed her. “You have got to be kidding me. I am trying to have a conversation with you and you call this noise!” Zee snapped. “I think you lost the idea of having a conversation the moment you started shouting. I simply stop listening. Now young lady, I suggest you calm down and articulate what the problem is. Otherwise, you can see yourself out of my office and stay out henceforth.” Michael stated. “Wow! I get sent out from my fiancé’s office but that good for nothing Daniella ….” Zee retorted. “Say that rubbish one more time and you will see a side of me you will regret!” Michael warned. Now he was pissed. She had no right to speak about Daniella like that. Zee scoffed. “My family is doing yours a favour with me marrying you. So Michael, when I say jump, you say how high respectfully.” She said disrespectfully. Michael simply laughed and said, “Use the door Zee. And while we are at dragging our families, your father might be doing my dad a favour with the company, but he is doing you a favour by getting me to marry you. No sane man would take the nonsense you serve and that’s that.” She was pained.  Patrick simply smiled outside. His son would always have the final say. At that Patrick went into the office and said, “As a matter of fact Zee, do me a favour and tell your father that the deal is off. You can both carry take your nasty attitudes somewhere else.” Now Zee felt a sting of shame. Being dragged by father and son was not pleasant. She quietly picked up her bag and walked out. Michael’s P.A stuck her tongue out at her. She had had enough of Zee. If toxic was a person, it would be Zee. Since Zee walked into this company, her boss has not known peace and now it was finally over.

Michael was pleased that his father gave Zee a piece of her medicine but he was worried about him tanking the deal. He had found a way to deal with Zee’s excesses. He just did not care. As long as she was not talking about Daniella, she could yelp away. SMG needed this money. “Dad”, Michael started. “I know I know. But we really do not need them. In fact, I am here to tell you that you have a meeting with Daniella to discuss an important issue.” Patrick said cheerfully. “Dad”, Michael started again. “Don’t dad me. Get your things and head over to hers immediately.” Patrick instructed and turned around to leave. He was pleased with himself. He would let Michael find out the surprise as Daniella was probably finding it out right about now. They could also use the opportunity to mend their relationship. Michael immediately got his things and headed to the Estiamo Group.


The night before, someone snuck into the Estiamo mansion and went straight for Maria’s room. At the sight of him, Maria went completely cold. Her eyes could not believe it. She was convinced that she was dreaming. “George!” She yelled.

…to be continued

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