Anyway, just so we are clear and on the same page, this year is not that year o! This year we move with urgency. This year we cling to the word. This year, we make the best decisions because He is guiding us. An overwhelming description of God is that He is merciful. Ahh if I was God, I would have thrown myself one hot slap since. But thankfully, I am not God. God is so good, and His mercy endures forever. He is the only one that remains faithful in my unfaithfulness. He is the only one so kind to give multiple chances. This is the confidence I have that He is not done with me because it is written in the word that He would never forsake me.

So, I start this new year with a new commitment, with the hope of a restoration of lost ideas. Another opportunity to do the right things by God. As you would imagine, it is only something the Holy Spirit would help you do. On your own, you will fail, and I have example for you o.

Now it is me that just explained to you that I did not have sense before before, and this is not that year. Just this Sunday(first sunday in 2021), the Holy Spirit told me to carry an extra plastic bag in my handbag. This is something I usually do on a regular but for some reason I had removed the plastic bag in this particular small bag. He reminded me to put one in. Ah guess what your girl did again. I said I am not really carrying anything like that now so what would I need an extra plastic bag for? That is how your girl went to church without plastic bag o. After church, it turned out a friend had brought me a Christmas gift, did I have a bag to put it in? NO! In addition, another sister of mine wanted to give me snacks and drinks, again did I have bag to put it in? NO! Because I lacked a bag to put it in, I limited how much I could receive. Let that sink in! Imagine God wants to embarrass you with gifts, and you go with a tiny bag. I just started laughing at myself because it is like I really do not want to hear word. Butttt I must hear word o! I must learn. Ahh the goal is to completely submit my will to God. All these talking back will be greatly curtailed this year in Jesus Name. The lesson must be learnt. I will not let myself get to the point where I lose everything before I learn to keep shut.

And the verse for me that really drives it home is Psalms 32:8-9 and I love it particularly in The Passion Translation (TPT) version –

I hear the Lord saying, “I will stay close to you, instructing and guiding you along the pathway for your life. I will advise you along the way and lead you forth with my eyes as your guide. So, don’t make it difficult; don’t be stubborn when I take you where you’ve not been before. Don’t make me tug you and pull you along. Just come with me!”

I want to believe that a word is enough for the wise. I have heard people say that experience is the best teacher. I personally believe that the experiences of other people can teach me. I do not have to put my hand in fire to see and understand that it is capable of burning. Please do not waste the ideas the Lord gives you. Execute them. Do you know the best way to start? By just starting. Start small. Start slow. They are all better than not starting at all. And if you are like me that has wasted a few opportunities, do not be too sad. We serve a God of multiple chances. As long as you are willing to accept your wrong and turn back to Him again for guidance, He is willing to lead you.

But repeat after me, ‘I WILL HEAR WORD THIS YEAR O!’ Lol! This will be our motto. We must make the best decisions this year and beyond.

A special person to my heart said I should tell you people that this year will and must not be a wasted year!


Queen N

This Kind of Love (Valentine Edition)

I initially didn’t want to write anything for this valentine’s day because I am not just liking the fact that people are going on and an on about being single, being lonely, things like ‘Nobody has delivered anything to me o’ blah blah blah. I don’t know if it’s pure cruise but I feel all those things are heightened this year. Oh well. I legit roll my eyes to the back of my head every time (okay, not every time) I see those posts.

Before we continue, how many of us are rocking our red and white today? Let me know in the comments section.

I know it vexes some people to hear things like ‘it shouldn’t just be about you and your partner, it should be about Jesus’ and I get your frustration like ‘can I just enjoy my valentine with my significant other without disputing the fact that I love Jesus?’ Holier than thou yeah? I see.

Nonetheless, I am here to talk about that. I am not here to tell you what to do on Valentine’s day or what not to do. I am also not here to felicitate with the singles lmao. I am here to talk about LOVE. Love in its realest and purest form and I can’t say today is the best day for that because people are so occupied with not hearing this particular story today. This kind of love is an everyday kind of love sha. I am a proud Jesus girl. I love Jesus. I won’t talk about my love for Him right now because there is room to love Him so much more. But as you dey see Jesus so, He loves us so much, He can’t love us anymore than He does right now because He loves us to the very maximum.

I want to try and paint the most vivid picture ever. I am certain some of you have heard this story before but indulge me.

God created the earth and everything within it and it was good, perfect. It got corrupted. This broke His heart. His heart was grieving. He was sorry He even did anything (Gen 6: 5-7). So, He sent a flood, which is actually a story about judgement and restoration (story for another day). Imagine, your personal computer had a virus and you format the system. Man is born with sin and in the olden days, one needed to offer a sacrifice to enter God’s presence. But, you see, God wants to be with us always, He wants us to come into His presence. He wants to have personal and intimate relationship with us. So, His only Son paid the ultimate sacrifice (death, death on a cross). His sacrifice is complete because He resurrected defeating the grave, death and hell. He became sin, carried it all, so we can have abundant life.

Jesus, fully God and fully man, came down, dwelt with us and went to the cross for us. He looks at us and says we are worth it. If you were the only person on earth, He would have still done it for you. That’s to what extent He loves you. His heart beats for you.  His love leaves the 99 for the 1.

What kind of love is this? What kind of love dies a shameful death for someone else? What kind of love looks at you while dripping in blood and says you’re worth it? What kind of love takes all the blame for someone else? What kind of love is this? He died for a ‘maybe you’ll accept Him’. Maybe. What kind of love is this that He holds each and every single one of us in His arms? What kind of love is this? So reckless. So unmatched. So selfless. What kind of love is this, He knows everything about you and He doesn’t care about whatever you may have done, He just wants you to come home. Even if you love pass everybody, you no love reach like this. This kind of love makes you sob like a big baby! And now you can banter with Him, with first class tickets to Him sef. Oh my God.

Happy Valentine’s day!! Jesus loves you more than you could ever think. His heart beats for you. This kind of love makes you shout on rooftops proclaiming your love for Him right back. This kind of love is what is built in us to be able to love ourselves and then love others (the greatest commandment, Matthew 22:36-40). Don’t doubt God’s love for you. If man who is evil loves what he creates, how much more a good God that created us all.  

Enjoy your day!



What an interesting topic, isn’t it? Do not be wasteful! This is more like a reflective piece for me than anything else. I hope that you learn a thing or two from this.

As 2020 came to a beautiful end, it dawned on me how wasteful I had been in previous years including 2020. I was sitting down reflecting and the reality of the situation washed over me. I immediately felt very sad. A little background story is that as 2020 was ending, we (praying with Pastor M tribe) were praying for the year 2021. One of our prayer points was for seeing eyes, hearing ears and a heart craving understanding. I believe that as I kept praying this prayer, I actually started seeing and things were beginning to make sense to me.

I am sure at this point; you are probably wondering what I could have possibly wasted. I have wasted IDEAS! Yes, a lot of ideas. A lot of instructions. I realised that 2020 might have been a year of unveiling for me. It had been in the works for years. But guess what, I had refused to align myself with God’s plans for me. I had let my low self-esteem get in the way of being used by God. So please dears, if you see me walking along the street chanting ‘For God has not given me the spirit of fear but the spirit of power, love and of a sound mind.’ Just leave me abeg. E get why! I need to keep reminding myself because I make wrong decisions when I am blinded by my lack of self-confidence. Let me share from my reservoir.

If you know me and we have ever had a deep discussion about the state of the country (Nigeria), then it is possible that you have heard me talk about starting a Youth Platform. It is a project God laid in my heart years ago. But guess what I did with it? Talk! I talked and talked and never really did anything about. Time and time again, the vision would come alive in my heart, like something on fire. And I would TALK about it passionately for the period and do nothing more. Through constant talk, I had at least come up with the structure for how it would work. But I constantly told myself that I could not create let alone lead a full fledged youth platform. The plan was for it to grow into being partly a political party as well.

The fire came alive again in my chest while I was in Law School (2017/2018). I think this time I wrote the vision down but again I did not really do anything about it. Guess what again? Early 2020 the vision started burning again in my heart with urgency this time. I could not understand why but as with every time it happens; I give myself a hundred reasons why I could not do it. If only I anticipated the ENDSARS protest. If only I anticipated what was in front. If only I anticipated what the year had in stock. If only I submitted to the will of God. What if like Mordecai said about Esther, this was why I had been given the vision.

To tell you the level of urgency, the name of a someone to talk to dropped in my heart. Before you stone me, I actually messaged her about it. I knew she was busy with a lot of things. So, I did partial obedience. You know, I messaged the person, but I did not really follow up with it. I hope you know that partial obedience is disobedience. I had been stubborn and disobedient for years. Merely taking baby steps for such a great vision. How could I have been so lackadaisical about this mission?

Imagine the divine position 2020 would have given the platform if I had started it as at when I was to? If I had stopped questioning God and just did it? If I stopped defending myself before His court as to how unqualified I am? He is the one that qualifies who He calls not the other way around. Now I wish I had listened. Now I wish that I had moved with urgency. Now all I can do is wish. I do not know if I will ever feel that fire again. Because really when you remain adamant, you will stop hearing things. You will start looking for the things and won’t find them. Hence, I started this year asking God to use me afresh. But really why should He? He reminded me year after year, and I gave flimsy excuses. Now who my excuses help?

I am sorry but that is just one of the ideas that I wasted. Let me further confess. The next idea I wasted was starting a delivery company. A few years ago, I was inspired to start a delivery company. See ehn I had a different excuse this time. You see this time it wasn’t because I was not self-confident. The excuse this time was that I did not have the resources to execute the plan. I remember sitting down at the dining table gisting my mum about the idea I had. But for every picture I painted, I was quick to add why it was not a feasible plan. I was busy telling myself that I am thinking big scale. I forgot the principle of actually taking a step. I forgot to start small and let it grow. Somehow, I thought I had to have everything in abundance before I started it out. I remember even asking myself, why are my ideas always so capital intensive? If I could go back to slap myself to reality, I probably will.

Again, just look at how 2020 was. Everybody started engaging in online buying. I mean with the lockdown it was the only logical thing to do. Imagine how the delivery company could again have been divinely positioned. If only I had started it. But I was too carried away with the big goal that I forgot it was made up of smaller goals. What if I stepped forward and actually bought just one bike? Interestingly, when I got this idea, delivery companies were not as rampant as they are today. But as usual, I wasted it. I sat on it and looked pretty doing so. (tears).

See ehn let me cry a little. I will drop part 2 next week. So, make sure your stick around.

Stay blessed!! And please do not waste instructions. If you have received one right now, run with it. Do not join me to be writing reflective piece a few months from now o.

Queen N

My Special Christmas Miracles 4!!

Hello Lovelies,

This is the final part of my Christmas miracles.

Eighth miracle – On the 23rd, I had my nails done (dancing). I always struggle with deciding what style I would get. Eventually, I end up going for something simple. That is exactly what happened on that day as well. I ended up going for a simple acrylic set.

Anyway, the important miracle for the day was actually a testimony my sister told me concerning her friend. Her friend was saved from what ought to be a fatal accident. To tell you how bad it would have been, observers were surprised by how the accident was averted. They were already sure that she was going to be hurt but she wasn’t to the grace of God. The bus driver of the bus she boarded right after expressed his shock because he saw the whole thing play out. But my God preserved her.

 I count it as one of my miracles because a testimony connected to my sister is a testimony connected to me. Most of my sister’s friends I consider to be my baby sisters as well. Had anything happened to that friend, my sister would have been affected. Had my sister been affected, I would have been affected. And my agreement with God did not include tears in December. It did not include pain or worry. We were on pure cruise mode. So, I am grateful. This is the second accident HE averted in December for me and I am totally in love with this God.

Ninth miracle – Can you guess what I got on Christmas eve? Lol. Of course, I cannot hear your responses. On Christmas eve, I got a call that brought me food. A church member was nice enough to cook food in order to distribute to the students who could not travel home for Christmas. I happen to be a Youth Exec. so I was the middleman. And that was how I got free food on Christmas eve. Believe me, it was delicious. I mean from just let me taste it, I finished the whole plate.

Tenth miracle – By Christmas morning, I was already running a bit low on cash, but I was unbothered. God was taking care of me in His own way. That morning I decided to make Christmas breakfast for my myself and my housemates. It was the first time we were getting to eat together, and it was fun. It really helped us bond better. They were grateful for the meal. One of my housemates then asked me to cook for them again the next day and she transferred some money to my account to do that. Of course, she transferred more than what I really needed to make the food. So, I went from low money to more money that same morning.

Later in the evening, my other housemate treated me to a home cooked dinner. It was delicious and I even got to try a Greek salad with good music in the background.

Eleventh Miracle – That same Christmas day, my church family -yes, I have a whole church mother, father, and siblings – brought me so much food. I had packs of jollof rice and chicken, pepper soup, extra pack of chicken sef, drinks and chocolate biscuits. To crown it all, they got me a pair of trainers. Like only me!!!!! I really did not have to cook for the next couple of days. I was on full cruise mode. Please I enjoyed myself o. The food was delicious. Ahh no they spoilt me, but I am soooo grateful to them and for them.

Finally, my last recorded miracle. Hmmn. So, I was gisting with Afoma and we were talking about skin care products. There is a back story to that, but I will save it for another time. But in the course of the gist, I mentioned that some of my skin care things were beginning to finish but I could not afford to buy another batch now so it would have to wait. The very next day, a friend came to drag me out of my house that we should go shopping. There were a set of shops he wanted to go to. I had not even had my bath yet when he came with his wahala. So, he waited for me, I showered, got dressed and went out on this shopping. The koko of the gist is just know that as I was coming back, I had restocked my skin care products and money did not come from my pocket. Pastor M had gisted us about this Asda skin care range she uses. It is actually quite affordable honestly. I saw it and I was quite excited to use the products my Pastor M recommended, so I picked some and put it in the basket o. When it was time to pay, my friend just paid for everything. I came back home with free skin care products, subway, and paid bus fares. Isn’t God a wonder? I will leave to answer the question.

Well, we have come to the end of my Christmas miracles!! In total, I learnt two major things in December, 2020. First, God loves me too much. Like HE loves me so much that HE spoils me with what I need and just want. Now, I know if I ask my Father for something and HE withholds it, there has to be a reason which is for my good. Secondly, I learnt that Favour is higher currency than money. This is something Pastor M has mentioned a few times but now, it is real to me. God’s Favour upon your life ehn. See how I was getting things. I did not receive that refund in December but I did not lack a thing. I was supernaturally taken care of and I love it. Sometimes, I think I am not even grateful enough for how wonderfully God deals with me.

I hope you enjoyed the gist but most importantly, I hope you learnt something. If you did then please share with us in the comments. Thank you for sticking with me and my gist. I wonder what our next series would be on. Stick around and find out.

P.s: Remember that miracle about my assessment and I hoped to get distinction in the second part? I did get a distinction by God’s grace. He constantly leaves me in awe.

Stay blessed!

Queen N

My Special Christmas Miracles 3!!

This is a continuation of my special christmas miracles series. To get a better understanding, make sure you read part 1 and part 2. Then come back and join me here in part 3. Trust me, you do not want to miss any of it. Now, let’s get back to it –

Again, because my God was dealing with me in doubles, my fourth miracle happened that day as well. Now the delivery details of the shoe said it would take 7-10 days to get to me. But, I started planning my Sunday attire for that week and I thought it would be nice to wear those heels with my cloth. Exactly two days after the order was made, my shoes arrived! No read that again. My shoes ARRIVED! Something that was meant to take 7-10 to get to me ordinarily took 2 days because I was just thinking that it would be nice to wear it that Sunday. Now let me even psyche you, I ended up not wearing the heels that Sunday. I wore trainers as always..lol. But God was showing me and teaching me that He paid attention to the desires of my heart however silly. My Father definitely knew that I would not wear them that Sunday, but He brought what I desired to me.

Fifth miracle – I got a merit in an assessment. You are probably wondering why this is a miracle..lol. It is o because I did not know what to expect with this one. I had tried to do the assessment to the best of my ability, but I just wasn’t feeling like myself that period. I was also a bit worried that the result came out a few days to Christmas. I really did not want anything dampening my holiday mood. Thankfully, I passed it with a merit sef. Now silly me saw the result and was upset thinking that I could have scored more. I had to remind myself of how unsure I was to begin with. God had actually been merciful to me and granted me favour. Instead of being grateful, I was about to whine. I immediately brought myself back to order. I am grateful for passing this particular assessment with a Merit. There is a second bit of it, and I hope I make a distinction this time. We will watch and see.

Sixth miracle – That same day, a friend messaged me on WhatsApp. Now a little back story, we had spoken a while back about going for a manicure and pedicure together. I have fragile fingernails that tend to break at the slightest provocation. Consequently, I prefer fixing my nails. I feel like my hands look nicer when my nails are fixed. It’s Christmas and of course I wanted to fix my nails, but I couldn’t afford to. So, he messaged me all of a sudden to ask if I ended up doing my manicure. And I replied that I did not because honestly I did not want to do it without him (as planned) and now I have spent the money on something else. Hence, I basically could not afford to fix my nails now.

He replied asking me if we could still do the manicure and how much it would cost. In my head, I am thinking it is like he did not read that there is no money for me to fix the nails. But I replied yes we can always do it and told him how much it cost. The next thing he said was ‘oya let’s book na. I will do Christmas nails for you.’ And my lovelies that is how I got my Christmas nails. Shall I insert a picture for you guys? Lol! I will consider it. Go and watch the new videos on the instagram page and you will see the nails there lol.

What is my point? God was using various people unexpectedly to grant my Christmas wishes. It moved me. I am not sure he knew how excited I was and again it was not about the nails, it was about my God. I mean not having my nails done would not have killed me. Due to the multiple lockdowns and situation of things with covid, I had only done my nails once in 2020 and I was doing just fine. But He heard that little wish in my head and gave me another Christmas gift. It is the intentionality for me!

Seventh miracle – A day later, there was a knock on the door. Usually, I am the one that runs to get the door but that day, I really could not can. So, one of my housemates answered the door. It turned out that the University had sent us Christmas hampers. I am not sure they have ever done it before. At least during my undergrad years, I never received any hamper. Oh, it had all manner of things inside. From crisps to different chicken cuts and a bunch of things in there. Some I did not even know and did not bother trying..lol. It was a pleasant surprise and it definitely was a nice feeling to have enough food. Well from nails to being spoilt with food. I do not know about you, but I like it. I really really like it!

So, this is another account of four miracles and we have five left to go (dancing). That would feature in the final piece from the series. I really just hope that this series would actually ignite something in you about how much faith you can have this year.

Enjoy this one until same time next week Friday..lol.

Stay blessed!

Queen N.