Hello guys!!!

Longest time!

Won’t it be easier if I always believe God has a plan? I mean won’t it be easier if I always remembered the words ‘even when I don’t see it, You are working’?

Reflecting on this past week, I was forcefully put into quarantine. Due to this whole COVID issue, there are very low risk countries, low risk countries, medium risk countries and high-risk countries. I stay in Dominica which is a very low risk country. There are some regulations guiding travel and I wouldn’t want to bore you with all that information lol. Just know, I made a trip to a very low risk country which wouldn’t have required quarantine on return to Dominica. However, on my way back, the aircraft had an issue and we had to spend the night in a high-risk country which changed everything. I was forcefully put into quarantine (forcefully because I had no intention of sleeping in a high-risk country), and I had to pay! It would have been a different thing if I was prepared for all these. You know, save up my money, pack necessary clothing items. But no, this is me at the airport, tired, ANGRY to the point of tears, no extra clothes, confused with some people saying ‘I am sorry, we know it is not your fault but you have to go into quarantine’. If I could roll my eyes into my head, I would have because I was just not having any of that.

Long story short, I was placed in self-isolation at my own expense o. My God was I pissed!

The point of this short story time? Here it is! Looking back, I am not angry anymore (I mean who stays angry for that long? lol). I dare say, I am grateful. Super grateful. This season was quite fruitful. I was forced to stop and spend some quality time with God. I am alone, my phone got boring, my laptop couldn’t keep me occupied for 24 hours. So, I read a book titled ‘Good Morning Holy Spirit’ by Benny Hinn. Let’s just say, I really really really really needed that. 

I also developed a healthy eating habit. I stopped thinking about food so much lol. I wasn’t cooking, I had to rely on someone bringing my food in the morning and afternoon. There’s nothing like extra. No unnecessary snacking, which was pretty good for me.

I needed the rest and the break (I watched a lot of YouTube videos) and the space. I also started drinking a lot of water (I was really struggling in this department). Now, I am leaving quarantine with fresh skin  😂😂😂😂

Won’t it have been easier to have just accepted from the get-go that God definitely had a plan in the midst of all of these? Or that He had my best interest at heart? But let’s be candid, it is not always easy to just stop and acknowledge that God got you (but He does) especially in some situations that are way more delicate than staying in quarantine for 7 days.

However, it is important that we slow down and commit the situation to God. I did, after a lot, I mean, a lot of grumbling and tears. But it always helps to remember. Remember what is important.

So yes, I was just thinking, won’t it be better for us to just say ‘I know God got me’ than to say, ‘looking back, I am grateful or I wish I had calmed down and really assessed the situation’? I don’t know. I just pray the Holy Spirit helps us to remember that God always has a grand plan for us, legit. No matter the situation, there is a benefit for God’s own children. Also remember, He never gives us more than what we can handle. Never!

Stay blessed!



For more than a decade in my life, one saying I have heard severally is; man proposes; God disposes. Well, if like me, you live in Sub-Saharan Africa, the saying is probably not new to you. My folks in the abroad might find it hard to relate to such statements. Wait a minute. Talking about abroad, I and many other of my countrymen, can’t wait to jand. For the records, we are tired of praying for light and water. It is with deep pain that we see those men who have refused to pay the salaries of our parents, wear their babariga and cruise in luxury cars. They will chop money and chop money and once in a while, provide some comic relief. Sometimes, they dance, at other times, they are singers. They even go the extra mile at times, fainting and convulsing. Enough of the talk jare. My country-people (in high pitched Ibo) seem to have made a blood covenant with their oppressors.

In what seemed like man’s proposition, was our lofty agenda for 2020. Many great and brilliant ideas now lie in the bin. Never in my life have I had a 7-month break. No thanks to the pandemic. While we put pen to paper and stained those pages with ink, God was watching. He had his hand on His chin and smiled. Once or twice, maybe thrice or perhaps four times, I had to wonder if God is good. It was that bad. My broke ass had loads of nightmares and; whenever the day was bright, my soul was lorn. I was mad. It was unbelievable that the ‘good God’ could be aware of all these. Sundays came and; it was all “vexation of spirit”. Not again! I was tired of the whole show.

Unknown to me, the wind will blow, and my dim eyes will see. I will see tombstones in their numbers, the destitute and beggars. I will see the hungry and naked. I will see boys and girls, a lot better than myself, roaming the streets. Then will I realise; what a blessing it is, to be alive. How often, do we neglect the small things? The gift of a shelter; befitting or not. The grace of a meal on your table; miserable as it may taste. The blessedness of clothing; designer or nay. How about the gift of a family; funny as they may be. How do we even begin to count our blessings; a sane mind, eyes that can see, ears that can hear and bums that can poo. Above all, is the gift of hope – the assurance of better days to come. 

So, when next you receive a call from ingratitude, smile. Get yourself a garment and make room. Blare the music on volume 100 and keep the monster at bay. It’s been a tough year, no doubt but look inwards and find a reason to be grateful. You can go right, left, front, back, up, down and; repeat. It is time to shake your body! Gbe body e!

Adeyemo Victor


Hello Lovelies,

This is not the post we planned to have up today but it is the post today requires. We must lend our voice to what is important right now.

To say that I am tired is an understatement. I am tired, drained and exhausted by the things happening in Nigeria. On May 31st, a post titled Enough is Enough went up on the blog and it is sad to see that between May and now, we are still fighting. We are still fighting the authorities meant to protect us. We are still losing lives of important people. We are still in pain as a people. And to make matters worse, they are still killing the brave heroes that are going out to protest.

For the past two days, I have literally absolved the news everywhere and with every post, the reality of the situation saddens my heart. But we cannot stop and won’t stop. We will fight each problem brave, strong and together as a people. Eventually, the people are bound to win.

I cannot comprehend why the government would stand and watch as robbers and murderers wear the noble policing uniforms. I cannot comprehend why the protest has gone on for this long without the government doing something proactive. I am yet to phantom what exactly they are discussing behind close doors. I am even more confused on who is actually the President of Nigeria and what the job of a President is because right now I am weak. Can there be a President without the people?

I hope we know that this fight has to go beyond these protests. The next elections, we need to be very intentional about our votes. In the last election, I kept on asking why everyone was acting like it was only two people that were contesting. Well newsflash!! The next election please endeavour to vote with common sense. Apparently, it is too much to expect that these older men would care about the next generation.

If you let me, I would ramble on forever because there are too many things wrong. But for now, we focus on Ending SARS and a complete detoxification of the Nigeria Police Force. That is what we stand for. This ‘SARS’mentality has to end! The end is now!

I am tired!





You are living your life, give us the opportunity to live ours!

Queen N.


I am not even going to lie, failing sucks! Like in a major way, especially when you fail at something you were so prepared for; when you fail at something you have waited for; when you fail at something you have thought through. It hurts more when you fail at something you committed into God’s hands and you knew He gave you the go ahead. What does one do then? When you are so mad at God and you can’t even explain it? What happens when God becomes the last person you want to hear about because ‘He is supposedly the cause of the failure’. That feeling sucks and I know this because I have been there. I have felt it. I have thought the thoughts and I have disliked God in a very big way because He wasn’t there when He should have been. He was acting like He had favourites.

Let’s take this scene to the last class of senior secondary school where we are meant to sit for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination. I had done my part, I had read and when I say read, I mean read! I prayed, I committed all into the Lord’s hands, I was pretty confident in myself (not overconfident but confident enough). To top it up, the questions were pretty fair, and I was expecting my perfect looking result slip with 9 A1’s (yes, I don’t settle). Well, result day came, there was a C, a lot of B’s and 2 A’s (sigh). What sort of rubbish, am I right? I didn’t even know how to react; I just went to my room and balled my eyes out and very well blaming God. He saw how hard I worked, He saw everything and yet He didn’t crown my efforts with good success. I felt so bad.

What then do we do when we fail or when we lose, and it looks like everything is lining up against you? Back then, I didn’t know how to react. I only felt a lot of anger.

Recently, I received another heart-breaking result. Oh, and this one is way way more important than WASSCE. I failed. When I saw the result, again, I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t cry. It was like my body prevented me from crying. I wasn’t processing it. I read, I prayed, I spoke out in faith, I believed, I trusted, I knew God was with me through it all and somehow,  someway, it was like He fell my hand yet again. I wanted to blame Him, I wanted to be angry with Him, but I couldn’t. I am glad I couldn’t. I am grateful I couldn’t because I know that if I have God, He is working out everything for my good. He is working out everything for your good.

What happened between WASSCE and now? Why couldn’t I blame God? There is this grace of being able to take an L and still praise God. This comes from seeking out the Lord, seeking His face, dwelling in His presence, and just knowing. I pray that this grace dwells in each and every one of us, it makes things easier honestly. This is not to say I am perfect, or I have it all figured out (that would be a major lie). But as Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Nation would say ‘Progression over Perfection.’

Taking an L, taking your loss, taking our losses can be a very difficult task, especially when the L isn’t an exam lol, but take the L. Take the L because He is working through it for us. It can be difficult, it can seem impossible, but I pray that whatever failure or loss it is, that God will help you process it. I pray that the Holy Spirit will help you heal and that you will be prepared for what is coming because God specialises in exceeding our expectations.

Oh, and guess what? I am so excited to see what He is about to do in my life. I have a feeling my mind is about to be blown like never before. I have a feeling He is about to bless me so much that my head will be turnioniown.

Till then, lean in! God is forever good. Amen!

P.s: There is this amazing movie called High Calling by Mount Zion I found on YouTube and it literally drives home the message. God always has a plan!


Nigeria at 60!

Nigeria, a land flowing with milk and honey. Is it? Some people are already set to behead me for this very statement. Be calming down lol.

Before we say happy birthday, 4 years ago, our first blog post was Nigeria at 56 (feel free to go back and read) and look where we are, God is a very sure G!

Happy birthday to Nigeria! Omg, it’s been 60 years. 60 years of green and white, 60 years of fertile soil, dignity, and strength (at least , so says the coat of arms), 60 years of a whole lot! And the question is what do we have to show for it?

A lot of people will be writing about October 1st and what it means for us as a people, as a nation. Some people will be writing on the way forward, some will be reminiscing, some people will be out right cursing and I think they will be well within logic to.

I am not here to drag anybody’s government (at least not today). Instead, I want to write on the Nigeria we love; the Nigeria that has made us smile one way or the other; the Nigeria that is resilient; the Nigeria that is not plagued with natural disasters; the Nigeria that has God; this Nigeria and the Nigerians. I want to talk about the Nigeria that contained Ebola virus well that year, the Nigeria that has blessed you and I with mad music in a very interesting year.

I want to talk about this Nigeria. 

Nigeria, over the years, might have ‘fallen our hands’ one way or the other but common guys, it’s her birthday and our birthday so let’s drop a few good words of encouragement for her.

I love my country and I love the people. I love the food (is it pounded yam and banga soup eiisshhh or gbegiri?). At least after a very tough day, there is very good food (that is a very big plus). We are a funny set of people!! Well, we can make light of any situation and laugh at it. Twitter says it all lol. We dey pray fire sha! (Let’s leave those ‘religious’ ones first, not today). We know how to hold our own and at the end of the day, we know who owns it all, na Baba God o. Na only Him know which way.  Oh, and what a resilient set of people we are! Laziness isn’t in our dictionary, we want something, we work for it (and again, not today for those who sit on their hands waiting for gold to fall in their laps, wehdone ma, wehdone sir, the gold is on its way o!) I admire the resilience, the strength of the women and men that come out every day, come rain or shine, to make some money.

Oh wow! Nigeria, take tiri gbosa jarey, you try. It’s Nigeria’s birthday today. Do something good for the celebrant today or tomorrow or during the course of the week, whatever. Don’t throw the gala nylon on the floor, there’s a dustbin somewhere if you look for it. Be patient, everybody is angry o, try to be the patient one, it costs you nothing. Smile; find something to smile about, no matter how little. There are a lot of people living in poverty, help someone within your means today. Don’t be rude, that woman selling bole is a human being and very worthy of respect. PRAY for our country. It is ours. We are Nigerians. Seek out the Lord’s face over Nigeria, let His hand move over and for us (for those who know, we know that this is a big deal). Please don’t sit and curse out the celebrant and the inhabitants, it doesn’t help.

It is well.

Happy 60th, owanbe ati asoebi nko ?