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Hi, I’m Queen N. I am the Creative Director for this blog. I would like to show you more of me. Hence, welcome to my new world with nuggets with Queen N! xo


Hello Lovelies, So I recorded this video prior to our President coming to say ‘nothing’. I spent the rest of yesterday laughing uncontrollably. Laughing at the ridiculousness of the speech and the current state of the country. Laughing away the disappointment I was feeling within. And I was glad to see that I was not … Continue reading IT IS NOT OVER!!


Hello Lovelies, This is a short video giving you tips on how you can overcome the spirit of discouragement. There are many things that occur on a regular basis that could discourage us and make us feel extremely weak. However, we cannot afford to remain down. I promised to attach the Bible verses I mentioned … Continue reading STAYING ENCOURAGED!!


Hello lovelies, The struggle has been real with me posting this video today but I was determined! lol! I had to post it on YouTube eventually instead of directly to the blog just so this post goes up today. So, like I said on the video on the Home Page, we have new content in … Continue reading GET TO KNOW ME TAG!

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