Heart Beat Part 7!!

As their cars passed on the road, people could not help but admire them. In the car, Daniella finally dug out her phone and saw Michael’s message amongst others. She was grateful that one of them had remembered their obligation. “Sweet Michael”, she murmured wishing he were there so she could hug him. She drifted … Continue reading Heart Beat Part 7!!

Heart Beat Part 6!!

The meeting disembarked leaving the Estiamos and Michael. Daniella walked over to Martin who was apparently still agitated beside his mother. Cecilia had reasoned it would be best if he were accepted by Maria and Daniella and was glad to see her walking towards them. Daniella gave a slight bow to Cecilia and turned to … Continue reading Heart Beat Part 6!!

Heart Beat Part 5!!

While she slept, the argument between herself and her dad kept replaying itself and after what seemed to be the hundredth time, she saw her father sitting in her office, telling her, “you have made me proud”. She woke up and could not connect the bits of the dream. Unable to sleep again at about … Continue reading Heart Beat Part 5!!

Heart Beat part 4!!

That evening Daniella requested that she be taken to her father’s graveside as he had been buried in her absence. Michael offered to take her but Maria insisted that they be driven as they were both exhausted. They were driven in silence till they got to the graveyard. Michael signalled the way and on getting … Continue reading Heart Beat part 4!!

Heart Beat Part 3!!

As she was about to open the door to her apartment, she realised something. Had she not locked the door? She pushed the already open door and led the way. She went straight to the kitchen, ignorant of the fact that the house had been arranged. In the kitchen sat her mother at the kitchen … Continue reading Heart Beat Part 3!!


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