Heart Beat Part 11!!

He went straight for her office – George’s former office. She had kept the feel of the office with very minute changes to account for her likes. She had mentioned that she always felt so small in the office. Every time she was in there, she was reminded of the big shoes she had to … Continue reading Heart Beat Part 11!!

Heart Beat Part 10!!

Cecilia sat in the comfort of her sitting area pondering about how fickle life indeed was. Just the other day, she was a broke woman wandering about and thinking about what to do about her life. Just like that, she found herself entangled with the great George Estiamo. Meeting him on that faithful morning was … Continue reading Heart Beat Part 10!!

Heart Beat 9!!

What people were ignorant about is what happened before that very day when George Estiamo supposedly ‘died’. George had been suffering from severe depression. He felt terribly guilty that he had a child with another woman and not his wife, Maria. He loved Daniella but felt bad for bringing her up in a lie. Towards … Continue reading Heart Beat 9!!

Heart Beat Part 8!!

When they got home, Daniella had slept off which was very unusual. Michael simply carried her out of the car and stormed into the house. He responded to greetings while headed for the stairs where he met Maria. Maria felt sorry for her poor baby. She could make out the tears in her eyes and … Continue reading Heart Beat Part 8!!

Heart Beat Part 7!!

As their cars passed on the road, people could not help but admire them. In the car, Daniella finally dug out her phone and saw Michael’s message amongst others. She was grateful that one of them had remembered their obligation. “Sweet Michael”, she murmured wishing he were there so she could hug him. She drifted … Continue reading Heart Beat Part 7!!


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