Hello Lovelies, This is not the post we planned to have up today but it is the post today requires. We must lend our voice to what is important right now. To say that I am tired is an understatement. I am tired, drained and exhausted by the things happening in Nigeria. On May 31st, … Continue reading ‘SARS’mentality!!


Throw a dice and I will tell you what life is Its outcome is like life’s randomness Utterly cruel and unfair sometimes Sweet and pleasant at other times Life is so fickle A blink is too long a time for its fickleness They say nothing is constant except change I say life’s flickering loyalty throws … Continue reading LIFE!!


I am not even going to lie, failing sucks! Like in a major way, especially when you fail at something you were so prepared for; when you fail at something you have waited for; when you fail at something you have thought through. It hurts more when you fail at something you committed into God’s … Continue reading TAKING AN L!!


What makes you go? What is it about life that gets you off your bed, up and running? What pushes you to do things you thought you would never do? What drives you? Is it purpose? The reality that you were made for something? The desire to fulfil those big dreams of yours? Or to … Continue reading Thoughts!!

Nigeria at 60!

Nigeria, a land flowing with milk and honey. Is it? Some people are already set to behead me for this very statement. Be calming down lol. Before we say happy birthday, 4 years ago, our first blog post was Nigeria at 56 (feel free to go back and read) and look where we are, God … Continue reading Nigeria at 60!


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