Heart Beat Part 22!!

“Who asked that?” Philip asked recognising the voice. Maria immediately moved to hold her daughter and realised that Martin was already doing the same thing. This was going to be the day of the undoing. “I said who asked that question?” Philip repeated agitated. His mind must be playing tricks on him. Nobody seemed to … Continue reading Heart Beat Part 22!!

Heart Beat Part 21!!

After dinner with the Saint Morgans, Daniella really wanted to pay Martin a visit and check up on him. Michael offered to take her there disregarding the fact that she had her car and driver waiting for her. She had no choice but to accept his offer and he drove her all the way to … Continue reading Heart Beat Part 21!!

Heart Beat Part 20!!

Daniella sat in the comfort of her office as her mother and Robin presented the proposal of merging with SMG. She could see that it was a well thought out move but she did not understand why. Why should we want to merge with SMG? Both companies were thriving well. When they needed manpower, she … Continue reading Heart Beat Part 20!!

Heart Beat Part 19!!

Oh yes George! As it turns out, P’s guys did not kill him. Robin found George just in time before the kill order could be executed. Robin and his team caught and dealt with the assassins. He then got the foreman of the assassin team to make a call to P informing him of George’s … Continue reading Heart Beat Part 19!!


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